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  1. Plainz

    CP Belouga

    Plainz submitted a new resource: Belouga - 4cp Read more about this resource...
  2. zythe_

    zythehouse a1

    despite what the name of this map might suggest, this is not actually my house, though i kinda wish it was...
  3. Skylark

    Raccoons MC19 a1a

    The map is asymmetrical but the routes are the same but bent and stretched
  4. pont

    koth_pont_mc19 a1

    Developed for microcontest 19 - asym KoTH with a dynamic element.
  5. *Turns into crocodile*

    turnsintocroc mc19 a1

  6. Zepavil

    Medieval zepavil_mc19 a1

    My submission for the 19th Microcontest! Hit all the punches for this one! Just wish the logic worked as intended, had to scale back in a major way due to difficulties. Hope it's enjoyable nonetheless.
  7. 14bit

    Microcontest #19: Dynamic, Asymmetric KotH

    Welcome to Microcontest 19: Dynamic, Asymmetric KotH Prepare to suffer. It's time to play a ton of KotH maps in a row. You must make a KotH map that has ONE of the following qualities: There is a dynamic element directly influenced by the outputs of the trigger_capture_area and/or the...
  8. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Highedge a2

    My take on 3 CP. It is asymmetrical, where RED always has a highground, but BLU has tighter corridors that are easier to defend
  9. Emil_Rusboi

    Tumble b0 Short

    Original map - Tumb2k19 by Tumby Tumble - asymmetrical arena map where you fight for the Power Station in the middle of the dried desert.
  10. Tumby

    Tumb2K19 a7b

    It's a good map. You can 100% trust me on that one.
  11. RetroNuva10

    cp_overpass a2

    WIP 3-CP attack/defend in a forested mountain region. RED has set up a weapons-testing facility, and BLU's gotta blow it up! Includes a way-too-slow elevator, a spinning walkway (why did they even build that?), and a pointless bridge!
  12. DrLinnerd

    Rocket Valley V1

    For this map I took a lot of inspiration from Halo maps like Blood Gulch, hence the name.
  13. Mess About

    cross b1

    Halloween is coming, and TF2 is lack of spooky CTF map Overview: Intel room (asymmetrical): -Red -Blu Middles: -Front yard -Lounge -Main room -Reading room Spawnroom:
  14. Segab

    cp_neighbor b3

    My first full fledged TF2 map. A single-stage 2cp attack-defend map, set in a city at night. The idea is that both teams spawn in apartment buildings and the fights happen in the things that got built between them. Inspired by San Francisco and Montreal, for the weirdly shaped streets next to a...
  15. onra77

    cp_woodhill b3

    Hi everyone, I am making this map for the connect 5 challenge. My grid is: My map is a wood factory in the night, a 2CP attack/defense. It contains sawblades, development textures, a deadly water current, sewers, trees and computers. ==Screenshots== I am also making a vlog (french...