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  1. stinkshink

    72hr Jam 2023 koth_renaissancefair_72 1

    During the Teufort Renaissance Fair the Mercs get into a brawl causing chaos downtown. Contributors: Hammer Assistance: Poster Art: The map buildings takes inspiration from a recent trip me and Alyx took to...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Devastation b4

    The Mercs in their attempt to bypass a security checkpoint to the safe zone have ended up trapped in a flooded parking garage somewhere in a ravaged Hong Kong and unfortunately for them the zombies had the same idea...
  3. Green-One

    dm_towner a1a

    Urban warfare! Duke it out in the middle of the city! Credits Heavy lifting sign model - Construction Pack Stencil overlay - Frontline Pack Grass and asphalt - ArsenaL Chairman - Rexy Gas station models and emotional support - Mister Sandman Assistance - Pigeon
  4. dabmasterars

    Edge A10

    This is cp_edge - an Attack/Defend single-stage 3CP map set on rooftops with some verticality and a camera-monitor system. PLOT The BLU team has bought some office space in the middle of the Exsaust City. Everything seemed fine, until about two weeks after the purchase. That day, the...
  5. Francis_A2x

    arena_iced 1a

    "Iced him!" an Arena map took place somewhere in New York where the mercs arrived at their destination to wipe out any remaining opponent in both territories while there's a snowstorm causing the gang war runs smoothly unbothered alongside with the construction barriers. once this map plays...
  6. Sentry

    Battleburg [KOTH] 1.0

    IMPORTANT THIS IS NOT MEDIEVAL MODE MAP, MM version will be avaible soon Somewhere in the mountains, a lonely, dilapidated fortress still remains unconquered. Red and Blue fight for access to a river that could significantly increase the illegal arms trade. The castle is the key to dominating...
  7. NatteBuilder

    koth_asphalt alpha 2

    My first koth map. Set in a city-ish place with rain.
  8. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Downtown Smackdown Gameday!

    Banner made by the ever legendary Custard1! Hello, and welcome, to the Downtown Smackdown! In this Gameday, take the battle to the streets in these 10 city/town based maps and cause as much collateral damage as you can while kicking the tar out of your enemies! Place:
  9. Pigzit

    Multi Stage Coney a6b

    Collaborative effort between myself and Yacan1. CP_Coney is a 2 Stage 2CP map set on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. Each stage is approximately as big as A/D Gorge, and travels the distance from historic Industry City to the Coney Island beaches and amusement parks. Custom assets in use...
  10. Martinus2009w

    koth_streetblock a6

    This is a map set in a big city. This is also my first map!

    trade_badsand Final

    Trade_Badsand: It is an epic map set in a small beachfront town, there is no complex objective, just explore and have fun, the map contains an affordable 3-story beachfront hotel, a fast food restaurant, a classic bar, a small shop in front of the beach, an industrial garage and a fully...
  12. Francis_A2x

    koth_racket b9b

    A king of the hill map took place in an alleyway between urban and industrial areas.
  13. Beepin

    Repairkour b10h

    Here's a schematic for ya... and about a dozen others about fixing this broken town. Originally made about a decade ago, this version of Repairkour (that's repair + parkour - crazy, right?) has updated visuals and a new bonus to boot. Players will find themselves parkouring through a plethora of...
  14. Camel "Submarine" Wagg

    Metrocity_a1 a1

    my first Control Point map. basically untextured as of now.
  15. Regen_

    Polis B2

    When both teams were on a "vacation" in one of their team's HQ buildings in Mannhattan, RED Spy, annoyed by Scout's unstoppable mumbling about having to do all the boring paper work and looking at city maps and not going to a pizzeria as he was promiced by Miss Pauling, for the first time in his...
  16. koolmann


    ITS KOTH_BIGCITY WITH A TWIST NOW ITS BOTH DAY&NIGHT AND MOST OF ALL (PAINTED PURPLE) SELLING PURPLE VMF 30 KEYS can you get to the land in the sky? stop the evil tv man TryNow
  17. Fault in Maps

    cp_rushjob a6

    Made for June 2022 10 day Contest
  18. ABpriceHI45

    Pervade - Stage 2 a5

    Stage 1 - It is still set in a city. there's no vehicle hazard. and uuhhh, i kinda mixed Gorge and Dustbowl, anything could go wrong! feedbacks are appreciated so... LETS GOOOOO!!!
  19. The Default Guy

    koth_metropolis a6

    WIP Koth_metropolis is a competitive Koth map taking place in 1970s New York City inspired by Cascade and Ashville.
  20. ABpriceHI45

    Pervade - Stage 1 a4

    stage 1 of pervade Urban Map in cp_gorge gorge and 'dustbowl' style, set somewhere in non-existent man(n)hattan area Custom Stuff Credits