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  1. koolmann


    ITS KOTH_BIGCITY WITH A TWIST NOW ITS BOTH DAY&NIGHT AND MOST OF ALL (PAINTED PURPLE) SELLING PURPLE VMF 30 KEYS can you get to the land in the sky? stop the evil tv man TryNow
  2. Fault in Maps

    cp_rushjob a6

    Made for June 2022 10 day Contest
  3. ABpriceHI45

    Pervade - Stage 2 a5

    Stage 1 - It is still set in a city. there's no vehicle hazard. and uuhhh, i kinda mixed Gorge and Dustbowl, anything could go wrong! feedbacks are appreciated so... LETS GOOOOO!!!
  4. The Default Guy

    koth_metropolis a6

    WIP Koth_metropolis is a competitive Koth map taking place in 1970s New York City inspired by Cascade and Ashville.
  5. ABpriceHI45

    Pervade - Stage 1 a4

    stage 1 of pervade Urban Map in cp_gorge gorge and 'dustbowl' style, set somewhere in non-existent man(n)hattan area Custom Stuff Credits
  6. ABpriceHI45

    Multi Stage Pervade a4

    my 'attempted remake' to my old 2nd map, WOWw Multi-stage CP Map, cant explain but stage 1: A>B stage 2: A+B>C --------------------------------------------- Stage 1 inspired of cp_brooklynn ------------------------------- Custom Stuff Credits...
  7. Fault in Maps

    koth_northwaite A2

    Koth_Northwaite is a king of the hill map set in the fictional town of Northwaite. Combat happens in a train station and the adjoined courtyard. This is the first map I've pushed towards a fully playable build. The map is built for the London Asset Pack, and also uses some props from the...
  8. Ober

    dm_dora upd1

    A surrealist and cyberpunk-esque deathmatch map that takes place in tightly knit alleyways and street corners. This map is my personal love letter to the silly and objectiveless maps that were plentiful around 2008-2015. This map is a work-in progress. I still have a lot of plans for it, but...
  9. Yelta + 옐다

    de_king 1.0

    Objective: Team Red spawns with an intelligence and has 60 seconds to bring it to one of the bomb sites. If Team Blue is able to stop them or can capture the point back in 45 seconds, they win, otherwise the bomb detonates and Red takes the victory (basically CS:GO bomb defusal). A few people...
  10. Yelta + 옐다

    arena_lost_plaza a1

    This map is some kind of update to arena_megacorp_plaza, but I changed so much that it's an entirely new map now. There are now two control points, like e.g. in Byre, and the map is a lot bigger, allowing for way better gameplay and tactics. I used self-made textures for the first time, and...
  11. Yelta + 옐다

    arena_megacorp_plaza 1.0

    A teeny tiny map. All info on the images is heavily exaggurated, it really isn't that good. But it's alright. And not as boring as empty 1v1 maps. If I did 1v1s, I'd do it on this map. Because it's mine, to be fair, not because it's the best one, but it is good.
  12. Atore

    koth_urban_b1 2020-07-27

    My first "serious" map, I only made this to experiment and learn Hammer. The map looks nice to me but the map design isn't. The whole map is just a big choke w/ no flanks. Hope you enjoy it in some way though.
  13. Chains-

    Cybertech b1

    Cybertech is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. BLU is tasked to retrieve a mysterious cube from RED with the help of their special payload. Credits & Special Thanks Content Packs Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A Boojum Snark Autumnal Content Pack by Berry Frontline Content Pack...
  14. SB379

    Centrocom a12a

    This is a fast paced koth map with a high skybox limit, where the gameplay plays around and pools in towards the center. On mid both teams have multiple ways to get onto point, with opportunity to flank through one's battlements. Features no-build shutters The design can be consdered as the...
  15. DragonX

    fastpaced a1

    A very fast paced map set in a boulevard, in a residential suburban city. I don't like slow matches like ctf, so I made a map that will end really fast. there's also a train that occasionally passes tru the control point so don't stay there for long.
  16. Chains-

    Tavern b5

    Tavern is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. After a long day of work, BLU decided to crash RED's party at the local tavern. Credits & Special Thanks Thank you mag as always for the help with everything. Thanks zap for helping with sightlines adjustments during testing. Hopeful for...
  17. T

    koth_substation a1

    This map is based on a subway station, and will have the koth_king map style. please let me know what I should change that would be greatly apreciated.
  18. Sympuppy

    Connection a7

    Connection is a simple king of the hill map set in a city. The main point of focus is a highly contestable height advantage over the point.
  19. Switchgeer

    pl_highrise A1

    (i'll remove the diaper skybox soon, don't worry) This map if I can get it presentable within a week and a half, will be a contestant in the back to basics contest! Otherwise, it's ust a payload map that I worked hard on. I thought putting it in an urban setting kinda like koth_king...
  20. samjooma

    cp_industry a5

    A city/industrial themed attack/defend map where blue team spawns in a warehouse and tries to take over red team's factory. Blue spawn: Path to control point A: Control point A: Shortcut to B after A has been captured: Path to control point B: Control point B: Red spawn...