1. Your drunk father

    zepheniah_lane_a3 2024-01-27

    it's a prototype of a london-themed map with many roads to attack or defend, 3 captured points including the end point indoors, a few small spots for snipers and sentry nests
  2. Plazmaman360

    Midwest Alpha 1

    "In 1877, the states in midwestern America united into a single, large state known a Midwest. The capital of this state, called Midwest, is where the self-proclaimed war hero Mr. Jane Doe hails from.
  3. Hydro Eclipse

    Earth Seasons A2

    The seasons come and go, changing the earth a little each time. Well, what if those small changes did actually happen? Earth Seasons attempts to have a random season chosen at the start of each round, with each season changing the map in small ways. A door here or there may open or close, an...
  4. A

    arena_jiltown a5_fix

    Credit: alexmv - made the a1 and helped with detailing lucy-o-goldrush - detailing lacry - 2cp arena logic
  5. spruce

    72hr Jam 2023 A/D Nocturnal (72Hr Jam) a1

    Nocturnal is my Halloween 2 Point A/D map with no Halloween gimmicks, it's shoddy because I was running out of time, thanks for understanding Report any issues please thanks.
  6. Wuxhiff

    72hr Jam 2023 Sheds v1

    I had to re-upload my work because I didn't see the "Edit" button: I put the wrong icon on it
  7. Green-One

    dm_towner a1a

    Urban warfare! Duke it out in the middle of the city! Credits Heavy lifting sign model - Construction Pack Stencil overlay - Frontline Pack Grass and asphalt - ArsenaL Chairman - Rexy Gas station models and emotional support - Mister Sandman Assistance - Pigeon
  8. Rhamkin

    SteamBoat a1

    Welcome to my new arena map set in new orleans where the main focus is water combat
  9. Francis_A2x

    koth_backalley_beta1d 1

    a tf2 map took place in the alleyway, RED area is an alleyway took place in Little italy area and BLU area is an office building backyard and both teams must capture the storage and garage took place between both alleyways. This map is still going to be playtested, once playtested and reviewed...
  10. Lev1679

    VIP_Dover B3

    "Civilian has returned to his native lands with an attempt to escape from the RED team, but alas, they overtook him there as well! Escort him through the old victorian streets of the small town next to the sea." vip_dover, A map i've made specifically for TF2C with the VIP gamemode. Its a 3CP...
  11. Trooffe

    koth_seaside a1

    "RED and BLU learn about a cursed statue in a small seaside town that holds a powerful secret..." The little map with near sea town style, with little things put in it: - disco ball which, when you step under its light, you will be stunned for 2 seconds, - tom jones memorial concert with his...
  12. Gothic Organist

    Eclectic Bricks Pack 1.3

    12 different brick textures for buildings with a more well maintained look than standard TF2 brick textures. The come in 4 base colours (rusty red, light orange, brown and cream white) and each has multiple variations of stripes. Every texture includes fitting normal map (what gives an illusion...
  13. Mik3l24

    Fountain Square A1

    It is a KotH map with a relatively open control point, with various points of highground and flanking routes to help in capturing. In the future I want to give it a relaxed, french riviera styled town square vibe, thus the warm Harvest skybox. In actuality it is not my first, second map. The...
  14. Oni134

    WaterTown A10

    well I got bored and said why not make another map instead of finishing the one that was already in beta Thanks to Tumbolisu for creating Powerup water texture
  15. spetz

    Granite Alpha V2

    GRANITE koth_granite is my first ever proper map I've made in hammer. I wanted my first map to be very basic using the viaduct formula crash talks about in his hammer tutorials. I chose to set the map at night time as it seems not many maps in the casual pool are set in the evening and I...
  16. ComradeRoffel

    pl_vorwarts A9

    Blu arrives with their train in a Red occupied Frontline styled town, they need to push the cart through the rubble and debris onwards towards a Red base where they will make their last stand against the Blu invaders
  17. pumpko

    Multi Stage Cannonburg b2

    A three payload map taking place in a fake European town, used as a façade for a munitions production factory. Made for the Payload Checklist Contest placed #4 out of 26 frontline stuff by the creators
  18. Aapelikaeki

    Frostwire A13

    Frostwire is a snowy urban themed payload map made for the Payload Checklist contest. By @Aapelikaeki and @hamsterkins Blu mounted a bomb cart to tram tracks and try to push it trough a snowy city with cozy houses, a canal, large urban buildings and lots of trams. I the bomb doesn't collide...
  19. Seberster


    its a town in the forest. done
  20. ForceFul

    Harsh a4

    A small industrial place. You can suggest your ideas, or tell about bugs and problems!