cp_mist rc1e-compressed

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+ Removed Deathpit
+ Put some cover over last
+ Redesigned mid entirely
+ Removed ramp to upper connector
+ Changed lower base->B route
+ Other minor fixes

I blocked off the upper area to non-jumper classes, it was just too abuse-able by snipers. They can still get there if an engie sentry jumps and builds a tele though.

I also Scrapped mid in-place of a new one. Its much simpler now, maybe thats good, or bad, i'll have to see how it plays out.

Overall the map is more straightforward and feels smaller, even though it is technically larger than A5.
+ Opened the Base->B connection a bunch
+ Opened window overlooking last
+ Added window to upper connector
+ Adjusted pickup locations (near Base->B)
+ Other minor fixes
* added ammo packs to mid
* fixed a displacement in mid
* fixed the deathpit hurt trigger
+ Removed the mid/B entry to connector
+ Added windows between B & connector
+ Reopened lower B->Base tunnel
+ Reduced size of B->Mid path
+ Cleaned up mid roofs
+ Cleaned up lobby and its entry to B
+ Added healthpack to upper connector

I also made the dev-textures brighter and less ugly than the ones in a3
I closed a bunch of extra routes
did a higher quality compile and fixed a small issue
+ Fixed blue forward spawns
+ Made the glass near last 2 way
+ Improved Base->B section
+ cut off C->Base_interior sightline
+ Improved deathpit awareness effort
* other minor fixes