cp_mist rc1e-compressed

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Changelog (since B4):
- New entrance from upper lobby to last

- Jungle building has been expanded
- Mid houses now have ledges
- Mid shutter room simplified and expanded
- Vent geometry streamlined
- Many other minor improvements.
it was pretty problematic one
fixed the spawn timings and some other gripes.
Changelog (since B3):
- Removed Lower 2nd
- Added a new route from main lobby to above 2nd
- Catwalk near 2nd has been raised
- Mid to Catwalk route has been enlarged
- Mid Hoodoo has been changed significantly
- Healthkits on mid have been adjusted
- Reduced respawn times by 30%
- Fixed the Silo Perch
- Other minor fixes and adjustments
Fixed many clipping issues and improved the lighting/compile quality

changelog since b2
- Removed the large high-ground connector.

- Added a new catwalk to last
- The dropdown near 2nd has been expanded

- Added a new route from 2nd to Mid

- New shutter near the lower 2nd-Mid route

- 2nd point raised a bit

- buildings in mid are now enter-able

- brighter lighting

- many small bug fixes and clip adjustments
Made some major changes to the layout.
* increased gap between mid point and pillars so snipers cannot jump onto them (a regression caused by raising midpoint in the previous update)
* removed the boxes by the dropdown from upper to last (could be abused to get a sniper to upper too quickly)
* fixed missing clipping by the large fan
* added collisions to the small fan props near 2nd (you could jump through them previously
* lowered cubemap resolution to lower filesize (didn't make a big difference)
* changed the skin of the radio tower on red side so it is red instead of blue
* updated the lighting origin on the rocks near blue spawn
Updated the detailing for my contest entry

It still isn't 100%, but its much better than B1, i'll be updating this later to improve it further.