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  1. hutty

    hyperline RC1c

    At an altitude so high and around terrain so treacherous the self sufficient Hyperline facility is only safely accessible by dirigible during the two least windy weeks of the year. Changelog: Initial detail pass implemented Reduced the size of many areas. Removed the tunnel route at mid...
  2. hutty

    powercell A8

    PLR Powercell is a small payload race map where the carts cannot move by being pushed. Instead the battery (a re-skinned flag) must be placed into the cart. There is only one battery on the map so teams must fight over it stealing from the enemy cart and putting it into their own. If left...
  3. hutty

    cp_mist rc1e-compressed

    A competitive 5 cp map with a jungle theme. cp_mist is a 5cp map that has some unique aspects to the layout that differentiate it from the typical well or badlands 5cp designs.