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  1. hutty

    cp_mist rc1e-compressed

    A competitive 5 cp map with a jungle theme. cp_mist is a 5cp map that has some unique aspects to the layout that differentiate it from the typical well or badlands 5cp designs.
  2. hutty

    ctf_spacemine A8

    A mid size ctf map with a unique layout
  3. hutty

    DeepWoods A4

    This map takes place in a cramped yet defend-able forest. First take the outpost building, then move upwards towards the base.
  4. hutty

    72hr ctf_lakebed version 0024 (b1)

    A fort-style ctf map that takes place in a dried lake. This is a 72 hour entry and is currently in an unfinished state (but is perfectly playable)