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cp_mist rc1e-compressed

A competitive 5 cp map with a jungle theme

  1. hutty

    A competitive 5 cp map with a jungle theme.

    cp_mist is a 5cp map that has some unique aspects to the layout that differentiate it from the typical well or badlands 5cp designs.


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Recent Reviews

  1. luisdepoop
    Version: RC1b
    this is the best maps ive ever seen!
  2. lucrative
    Version: B4
    couple more versions after playtesting and this map is a frontrunner on one of my favorite new maps for potential to be added to 6V6 rotation!
  3. Sneeuw
    Version: B2a
    its good, its seems really small for a 6s or pub game but fits perfectly for the format i intend to use it for (my 5s format) i really like how well it works with jumping classes and how many hiding spots and different routes there are. although some rooms seem useless like the room with the small health and ammo at mid hidden in the corner that you have to jump into and has a small ramp in it.
  4. Aapelikaeki
    Version: B2
    It's pretty good