1. hutty

    cp_subscatter a3

    A 4cp attack/defense map that contains a mysterious malfunctioning device The device is a "Temporal Reactor" on a 20sec cycle it violently shoots out spokes in all directions breaking various walls and opening routes. And then 20sec later reverses its local time to pull the spokes back in...
  2. hutty

    ErectAMercs a1

    Erect-A-Mercs is a spin on pokemon using the TF2 characters. Although I didn't get far enough along to include everything I wanted to it is playable (locally). Currently you can face off in 1v1, taking turns making moves. You start with fixed teams, although the solider is a bit different...
  3. hutty

    Hyperline Props v1

    Includes all the custom assets made for ctf_hyperline. Including the blimps. Note that some of these assets are from my other maps so they are split between 3 folders. ctf_hyperwire (old name of hyperline) ctf_urbanbrook (the camera rail prop) ctf_lakebed (new artpass is current unreleased, shh...
  4. hutty

    hyperline RC1c

    At an altitude so high and around terrain so treacherous the self sufficient Hyperline facility is only safely accessible by dirigible during the two least windy weeks of the year. Changelog: Initial detail pass implemented Reduced the size of many areas. Removed the tunnel route at mid...
  5. hutty

    powercell A8

    PLR Powercell is a small payload race map where the carts cannot move by being pushed. Instead the battery (a re-skinned flag) must be placed into the cart. There is only one battery on the map so teams must fight over it stealing from the enemy cart and putting it into their own. If left...
  6. hutty

    UrbanBrook Asset Pack V1a

    This is the Urbanbrook Asset Pack by Lawrence Granroth (hutty, huttyblue) This pack contains some east asian city styled assets I made for the map ctf_urbanbrook I've cleaned up the names and paths of the assets, they should all...
  7. hutty

    dularia A8a

    I'm back with another dis track. This is a iteration of an older map, so if any of you remember ctf_dualhaven then you are legit og. ctf_solidwater was a later attempt to make this concept work but it sucked so I built off the latest dualhaven build instead.
  8. hutty

    cp_mist rc1e-compressed

    A competitive 5 cp map with a jungle theme. cp_mist is a 5cp map that has some unique aspects to the layout that differentiate it from the typical well or badlands 5cp designs.
  9. hutty

    ctf_spacemine A8

    A mid size ctf map with a unique layout
  10. hutty

    Hutty's Amazing map show Ep1

    So I started a mapping series on youtube. Was looking for a way to keep motivated for the next month and I felt sharing what I was working on might be the best way to go about it. Quality should improve in subsequent episodes . . . should
  11. hutty

    Cart Crawlers a6

    Craft Crawlers is a TF2 themed twinstick rougelite where you push the cart as far as you can. The newest release is 0.3, its kinda buggy at the moment but has a-lot of new features. Controls Movement - WASD Aim/Shoot - Mouse Pickup Items - E Inventory - Tab CycleWeapons - Shift...
  12. hutty

    DeepWoods A4

    This map takes place in a cramped yet defend-able forest. First take the outpost building, then move upwards towards the base.
  13. hutty

    Past 72hr Jam Entry ctf_lakebed version 0024 (b1)

    A fort-style ctf map that takes place in a dried lake. This is a 72 hour entry and is currently in an unfinished state (but is perfectly playable)
  14. hutty

    ctf_hyperwire A10

    A Jungle Mannpower map that adds light surfing to the mix. Formerly ctf_wired, the layout has been completely rebuilt.
  15. hutty

    wired a2

    ctf_wired (formerly ctf_undertome) A2 is out now! Gameplay and visuals are greatly improved. Although it is still an alpha, so i'm taking all gameplay related feedback.