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  1. Cornsauce

    Nightfall Pro, a sixes payload race experiment (OPEN)

    Haven't worked on this in probably over a year, so I thought I might as well post it here for inspiration's sake, or if someone wants to pick it up. As the title suggests, this is my attempt at balancing a payload race map for 6v6, using the regular competitive ruleset. I chose Nightfall...
  2. xobile

    Proworks V1a

    Original map by Ian "ScorpioUprising" Cuslidge Skybox by Aeon "Void" Bollig Edit of Metalworks intended for competitive play. Map is currently being run in ozfortress Sixes Season 35. If you have any other questions or want to run the map in a cup/season feel free to reach out to me on...
  3. dropknock

    pass_ruin a5

    Made for the 4v4 PASS Time competitive community. View: Features: • Platforms that act as jump multipliers for med only use, intented to give more mobility/gamapley impact to the class. • Ulama inspired rings on the sides that give anyone who goes...
  4. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Proyard b2

    PROYARD The successor to Brickyard Created in June 2021, the map aims to improve gameplay for the competitive season. Brickyard issues were found during the PASS Time Federation Season 2 tournament and got fixed in this map.
  5. Lord Smile

    Competitive Pyro Montage

    View: clips from scrims/official matches recorded and edited during the 72 hour period
  6. Kibble_Bites

    pass_park (72hr) 1st

    Made for the 4v4 PASS Time competitive community. View: Features: •Teleporters on each side of the court that allow for people to stand in the balcony of the goal (cooldown of 10 seconds) •Middle jurf ramp suspended in the air. •Barbeque pit in...
  7. xobile

    KotH Proside

    xobile submitted a new resource: Proside - A rework of Lakeside Read more about this resource...
  8. Kiglirs

    Kaelir a13

    My 1st attempt at doing a map that is good in competitive and in pub, and in a V shape. I'll see how it goes! Also includes hot water and a cliff over the sea I'm still not good at description, i'll change it later, i promise
  9. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #2 - CatComp HL/6s Season 1 f1

    This is a collection of the nav meshes I generated & edited for both CatComp Sixes Season 1 and CatComp Highlander Season 1. Each map included in both seasons, aside from Process, Lakeside, Badwater Basin, and Upward has a nav mesh included in the file. Nav Mesh Notes: cp_5borge - (No Notes) --...
  10. ImSS

    Newkon (cp_yukon Pro) a2

    Newkon is a revised version of cp_yukon designed for competitive play. Below are the major changes sorted by general location. Beyond major layout changes, the lighting, clipping, and optimization have been generally improved for high-level play. -----Major Changes by area----- Middle: -...
  11. Niro

    Riyadh a4

    A modern remake of granary to improve gameplay for 6v6 competitive. The map is set in a giant, high up australium smelting and metalworking plant. The mercs have been hired because there has been a dispute between the two sides of the business because they both want to take over the other side.
  12. d3adfin

    Iron Belt a3b

    koth_ironbelt is (an attempt at) a 6v6 koth map that should hopefully maintain a fast, frantic pace. i designed this for a school project! inspired by maps like product, bagel, coalplant, furious heights (quake live) and molten falls (quake champions)
  13. MightyMe

    Requesting help to (re)create MGE 1v1 Duel Arenas

    Hi all, I enjoy playing a 1v1 gamemode called MGE (My Gaming Edge For those who are not familair with the gamemode, in a nutshell you play 1v1 in arenas that are mainly snips from popular 6v6 maps (i.e. Badlands Middle, Badlands Spire, Granary Middle...
  14. The Default Guy

    koth_metropolis a6

    WIP Koth_metropolis is a competitive Koth map taking place in 1970s New York City inspired by Cascade and Ashville.
  15. harris0n

    pl_problitz rc2

    Thank you Fubar for creating the original Barnblitz Pro This version of the map is not associated with Fubar and has been made with his permission. A full changelog can be found HERE If you are interested in watching some (outdated) gameplay, you can watch that here I am currently looking for...
  16. sunryze

    foundry pro2

    The map nobody asked for. Thanks to Gatsan for feedback and interest in development. General - Removed clutter - Adjusted area portals - Changed the round timer to 10 minutes - General optimisation improvements Mid - Shifted health and ammo for better rollouts - Blockbullet clipped stairs...
  17. Lem Mem

    (Not) Minecraft Jungle a4

    I added the not to the name because too many people complained about the name promising minecraft but not delivering. This map is my attempt at updating the 2 Choke design to be better. Taking the best parts of Gullywash and Badlands to make a cool, jungle-y 5cp map. I thought a lot during this...
  18. sunryze

    proclaimer a1

    Named after the legendary Scottish duo Craig and Charlie Reid "The Proclaimers".
  19. Frupcup™

    Dust Devil B1

    CP Dust Devil is a map set in a gravel processing and shipping center. Battle on behalf of your corporate overlords as they attempt to vertically integrate the gravel industry! I have been working on and off on this map for perhaps a year now. It's playable but not complete. It has no cubemaps...
  20. d3adfin

    ctf_ashpit a1a

    deep underground, both RED and BLU's mines are set alight after a situation involving explosives and gross incompetence. now both teams have to grab the others' hidden intelligence before it burns to a crisp! ctf_ashpit is a ctf map made with 6v6 play in mind you can return your flag by...