cp_mist rc1e-compressed

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The detail pass is still a work in progress, but most of it is there

Layout Changes:
- expanded last a little and added a box
- added a branch to the vent route for main choke
- adjusted the main choke a little bit
- added some cover to mid
Detail Changes:
- made all remaining brush terrain real terrain
- expanded skyboxes
- added a base layer of detailing
This update removes uneeded paths and improves mid and chokes for better gameplay.

A14 Changelog:
- removed lobby to gravel route on last
* added a shutter to last highground
* lowered eleveation of the entire mid
* changed the shorter B-mid route to be less viable
* added ramp from B to main connector
* added pillars in mid to make some fight space
* relocated forwardest forward spawns
* many medium hp packs are now small
The mid in a12 was way too large, although the walk times were still short, this update cleans up the areas between mid and 2nd alot to make mid feel smaller and the areas more fightable.

Mid going some layout tweaks as well.

A13 Changelog:
* removed the pipe overlooking mid
* adjusted connecters to be more choke like
* removed the shutter in upper
* added buildings to mid
* compressed mid's height varience
* changed a few other minor things
* updated signs
After running some tests in lobbies some major design issues with the map became apparent. This update should fix most of the issues, especially the excessive highground on 2nd/last and the mid to 2nd short rotation times. Mid has a new layout, again. It will probably need more iterations before its solid.

A12 Changelog:
* Moved the glass dome thing from last to 2nd
* Reduced available highground near last
* Lowered 2nd point and cleaned up its basement
* removed highground from bridge and lobby area
* merged tunnel and 2nd-mid connector entrances
* increased the size of mid and changed its layout

Travel time from Mid to 2nd should be longer now.
fixed missing assets
Updated the main mid to B route.


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I swapped my ugly dev textures out with approximations of what the final textures will be.

Many minor things were changed to make the buildings seem more logical.
Various tweaks to the layout to let the defenders have better control of the area above last, and overall make it harder for the attacking team to control the area.
* Closed lower shortcut from base to mid
* Added a bridge from Base to B
* Opened up the ramps to B a little bit
* Adjusted mid a bit
* relocated the 2nd forward spawn
* started the detail pass near spawns
+ Built a new mid
+ Upper now has a 1-way door to mid

The last forward spawn is in a kinda meh
spot, but IDK where else it could go, I'm
open to suggestions.