72hr Jam 2022 cp_gravelbit A3

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  1. A3: More routes

    Here's the first actual update by me since the jam! While there was a version before this, v01 was an experiment made by abp. Some of the changes in that version didn't play well but some were worth exploring, so here's my implementation of some...
  2. v01: ask abp for details

    ask abp for details Changes at Blu spawn Spawns face a different direction now ask abp for details Changes at A The Shack has been embiggened Adjustments to cover ask abp for details Changes at B New platform for defenders Adjustments to...
  3. A2A: More deathpit

    Fixed the deathpit not killing people Extended the water to the bottom of the river Fixed console errors about props without vphysics models having collisions turned on