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  1. Live4Fun7369

    Smissmas Truce 2021-12-20

    Smissmas Truce TF2 72HJam 2021 Software Used:Source Filmmaker Gimp
  2. 14bit

    arena_14bit_72 A2

    i designed this as a second entry for the Jam in 2016(?) but the power went out 5 minutes into my stream so it never got made. until now
  3. Snedic

    TF2 Jam 2020 Medic Melted Wax Portait 2020-09-07

    HAPPY TF2 JAM!!! I hope you're jammin well! So... a new year means a new challenge, and hoo boy did I challenge myself this year lmao I know from the outside it just looks like i'm dripping a bunch of candle wax on a canvas and… Actually that's exactly what I did. I sketched a portrait of the...
  4. ☯≤<Nikita>≥㋛雷

    [SFM] Nikita Gamer 2020-09-06

    We made this poster for 72hr TF2Jam 2020 Entry! The picture shows my own set in TF2! Over poster worked:
  5. RednessQuaver

    Winter Sniping Spot 1

    Here's my submission for the 72Hour Jam, I had fun making it and chatting to friends while thinking of ideas for a poster. I decided to go with a simple scene featuring everyone's favorite sniper in a winter setting with a good vantage point. Here's a link to my Steam Profile...
  6. Paul44091

    Killer snow 2020-09-05

    My submission for the 2020 TF2 jam. Took just over an hour without counting the editing done on Gimp
  7. ☯≤<Nikita>≥㋛雷

    [SFM] Titanic 2019-08-04

    I made this poster for 72hr TF2Jam 2019 Entry! Here is a picture of a couple in love, on the famous ship "Titanic". :oops::oops::oops: We tried our best, we hope that you will like it! :) Over poster worked:
  8. Snedic

    Gute Zeiten Medizen (Acrylic On Denim) 2018-07-29

    I DID IT! Woo, okay. So. This year my supplies were very limited, but college kids make do. I had a few ideas here and there but nothing was really working out. I then remembered how I distressed and painted a jean jacket into a David Bowie themed vest a few years ago and thought painting this...
  9. Not Your Sagittarius

    [ARTWORK] HEADS UP 2018-07-29

    wanted to try something different so i did pixel work of the sniper throwing a jar of jam for the summer tf2 jam of 2018
  10. Da Living Bagel

    koth_72 a1

    My first fully designed and mapped level during the 72 hour jam! It's just about as far as I could make a map in the time I have, given I have to work 2/3 days this takes place. It's a solid layout and I will definitely improve upon it in the future.
  11. ☯≤<Nikita>≥㋛雷

    [SFM] Scout runs away with intelligence 2018-07-28

    I made this poster for 72hr TF2Jam 2018 Entry! Here is a snippet of the battle between the scout and the blue team. Looks pretty epic, hope you enjoy it :)
  12. hamburger crisis

    [SFM] boss man 2018-07-27

    i wonder if i should make another poster after this, or a drawing. really gets my noggin joggin.
  13. Void

    The Summer 2017 72 Hour TF2 Jam Showcase!

    Image featuring work by Mikroscopic, Majora, and Hutty. Two weeks ago we set out on another Jam, and two weeks ago we proved what this community was capable of once more. We also learned that 72 hours can very easily become 73 if technical difficulties have any say in the matter! But hey, it...
  14. ZiggoKill

    A Stab in the back 2017-08-07

    A sneaky Spy gets a Heavy on koth_sawmill
  15. Red Robot

    koth_breakingpoint_a1 2017-08-08

    I followed the link in the thread but I think I still managed to put this in the wrong place :( Nearly hit my own breaking point putting this together. Was planned for 5cp, then scaled back to 3cp, then very rapidly to koth. Luckily I never got to the "detail map" or "arena" stage but it was...
  16. Aarmastah

    Jungle Bounty 1

    SFM Poster I made in excitement for the upcoming jungle-themed TF2 update. Resources used: pl_ququqmannz Mayann Prop Pack
  17. S

    RED Car 2017-08-07

  18. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦

    The disturbing turbant (72hrs TF2 JAM summer 2017) RC1

    The perfect hat for those who want to be a tirant! Features -Paintable -3 Lods -Facial flexes! (noise ring)
  19. ✨Majora✨

    BLU Bots 2017-08-05

    I tried to use this as an opportunity to experiment with stuff like the golden ratio, I failed miserably.
  20. Void

    TF2Maps Presents: The Summer 2017 72 Hour TF2 Jam!

    Header by Iiboharz & Fuzzy Feel that? Long days on the beach, sunscreen on your nose, and for those in the southern hemisphere: neither of those, probably. Ahh, feels like summer. Axial tilts aside, there's one thing that we can all join together in this time of year - and that's the bi-annual...