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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Drillcore Vmfs 7/22/2023

    Two VMFs for two versions of CP_DRILLCORE a Gravelpit/Junction style map you are free to use and edit these to your pleasure in any form you please but i must be credited as the Original Creator of the map if you upload these edits anywhere CP_Drillcore_RC1 CUSTOM ASSETS: Skybox by Void from...
  2. Barion

    Goldsprings a9a

    Western-style map where BLU steal money from RED
  3. AlrexX [she/they]

    Up-n'-Down Town A1

    Capture the central point to unlock the enemy team's two control points, but be careful to defend the central point, because the enemy could capture it and turn the tides at any moment!
  4. Barion

    Havoc a3

    Havoc is an intense attack/defend map set in a rugged and mountainous region. The map is designed in the style of Gravelpit, offering a thrilling and strategic gameplay experience. Both attackers and defenders must utilize the natural terrain and strategically positioned structures to outwit...
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Drillcore b1a1

    Drillcore is a Gravelpit Style Attack Defense map set in the middle of a red rock desert. Credits: Anything else not listed here is made by Ismac Health & Ammo Kit by Lee23 SKYBOX BY VOID Blu must control points a and b to unlock c which wins them the game when capped, Red must stop blu from...
  6. zythe_

    dungeon (junction event) rc1

    the tag line doesn't lie. halloween reskin of cp_junction made with the full knowledge and consent of sean "heyo", the original creator of cp_junction. i added a underworld.
  7. 14bit

    72hr Jam 2022 cp_gravelbit A3

    An A+B>C map originally made for the 2022 TF2Maps Jam, featuring a saw blade, a cliff, and a weird final point. v01 by @Another Bad Pun, other versions by me Custom assets: Half of the Control Point by @Fault in Maps Electric Eel Danger Sign by @Uncuepa
  8. Jorolap

    72hr Jam 2022 cp_ladderwood72h alpha v2

    Wanted to go back into mapping and 72h pushed me back into it after 6 years. This map is only my second map and proper first map. The layout was changed from planning because else it became "to wide and to long" a rotation between A and B. Capture rate wasn't changed from gravilpit.
  9. Dr. Orange

    Orangepile a1

    A Gravel Pit-style attack/defense control points map that I made to get back into TF2 mapping. There are three control points; A, B, and C. The attacking team must capture both A and B, in any order, before they can capture C. The defending team must prevent the attackers from capturing the...
  10. FlyingEngineer

    Depart A5

    Depart is a railyard. RED is sending out a large train filled with gravel, so BLU decided to send their mercs to take the gravel, but in order to steal the train from the yard, they have to take the Main Line, the Main Yard and the Secondary Yard. This map is an A+B=C map.
  11. Tiftid

    cp_icytouch _a1a

    A Gravelpit-type map. The biggest problem with Gravelpit historically is that RED abandons A since it's easier to defend B, since BLU has to take B anyway. And historically there has also been a solution to this - to make it so that BLU can go ahead and take C after either A or B is capped...
  12. A

    Grasspit A3B

    I promise I'll think of a name for this map eventually. Features: -A bit too much inspiration from Gravelpit -A gate between A and B -A rushing water death pit at C -A meeting table at BLU spawn to discuss removing random crits during setup time
  13. Opplydead

    dirtvalley 05

    You're tracking mud all over the battlements, soldier! Maybe you should be spending less times playing in the mud and spend more time defending one of many, simultaneously cappable points, or even begin a defense at your last. You never know when the cloak and daggers lurk patiently on the...
  14. Aulli

    alpheri_mc14 a3b

    Gravelpit style map with the main gimmick being an infinite random train, runs directly through A and you pass under it to reach B. You can ride the train from A to B. I didn't complete this in time for the contest, but point A and B are almost entirely done within the timeframe. I couldn't...
  15. lucky

    lucky_mc14 a1

    This is a steelpit type map. (3 points, a+b start as cappable, C is available after either of these is captured. C is required to win) Made for a microcontest with trains as the theme, I tried to have A and B use an over and under approach with the trains but I don't think it ended up having...
  16. olikat

    Kennecott A5

    My submission to the Rule of Three's Contest (both minor and major if possible). Kennecott is a gravel-pit style map whose location is inspired by the abandoned Kennecott mines in Alaska. I'd like to think the map is a unique take on the pyramid CP style, and hopefully proves itself enjoyable...
  17. Fiddleford

    Conveyance A2

    Gravelpit-style a/d control point map. WiP.