cp_beckoned_visitor A1

You knew this was coming. You invited it in, after all.

  1. I Darkstar X

    It's another one of my I/O bosses. BIG thanks to Pdan for helping me on the mapper discord to figure out how to get the boss to move like it does.
    Some innovations compared to my other I/O bosses are as follows:
    -ITS ALIVE!! ALIIIIIVE!!! (It moves.)
    -Becomes invincible when no players are being attacked, to prevent cheesing. >:3
    -Boss returns to the center of the arena when it has no players to shoot at.
    -Boss rotates infinitely as it fights, so you have to aim.
    -Building on that, the boss is only vulnerable to damage around its core, displayed by hazard-stripes, while undamageable areas are metal plating.
    -Boss will "Slam" down to try and crush players as one of its attacks, causing it to be motionless on the ground. (Well, when the ground isn't drastically elevated.)
    The area leading form the Blu spawn to cp1 consists of tunnel systems, which is where red should make their first stronghold if their first defense around Blu spawn falls. The chokepoint between cp1 and cp2 is where Red should do their best to hold Blu back as long as possible before retreating to the high ground flush with the control point.


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Recent Updates

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