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Shrouded Outskirts A2

On Shrouded Earth, a great wall holds fast!

The first of three payload maps where the planet is freezing to death and there is no more natural light. If you're unlucky enough to have played my first ever payload map, it is the same setting. (May also hint at what the third and final map might look like. A little.)

This payload map experiments with a couple concepts I had always wanted to try out:
  • No skybox lighting
  • An outdoors spawn room
    • With BLU team initially paradropping into the map
  • A location that has been "fortified".
The map begins with, as previously mentioned, BLU team waiting for about 2/3rds of the setup time in a plane which they get to jump out of. Once landing, they can push the cart through to in front of a sizeable barn, capturing the first point along the way. RED team should opt to fortify this barn quickly, as the numerous ramps will make the cart roll back easily, unless BLU can flank them from side ramps.

Should BLU push through the chokepoint at the top of the barn, the cart enjoys a ride down a Magic Floating Elevator(TM) to just in front of the second capture point. Then comes the highway fort, which red has fortified greatly with (what will eventually be) wooden blockades. BLU will need to brave the fort and then wheel the cart under the highway to reach the final control point atop a steep ramp. Should BLU succeed, the gate will be destroyed, allowing BLU to storm the city.
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Latest updates

  1. Less Lag

    Highway before the fort is lit up a little better. Now only folks who left their shades on will have trouble seeing enemies. Removed a lot of props from BLU's first spawn. Those smaller stands were actually 4 props, so hopefully there's less lag...