cp_beckoned_visitor A1

You knew this was coming. You invited it in, after all.

  1. The Third Point

    I Darkstar X
    -Third control point done
    -Boss enabled
  2. Slightly less boring tunnels

    I Darkstar X
    -Blu spawn to CP1 tunnels redesigned.

    -Added more moving parts to CP2
  3. Same as PA2.1

    I Darkstar X
    I did not know that periods break it.

    In hindsight that should have been obvious...
  4. Cap time

    I Darkstar X
    All capture times increased to 6 seconds.
  5. Slightly less empty now update

    I Darkstar X
    -added stuff to blu spawn area
    -Changed upper platform in cp1 area

    (Updated pictures to come soon)