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  1. I Darkstar X

    Democracy Test A3

    I don't know what's up with the bloom I'm sorry in advance. GENTLEMEN! Behold, DEMOCRACY! Indeed, this map was created for one purpose and one purpose only: To prove that you can, entirely with hammer IO, institute a voting system within Team Fortress 2, AND that it can alter the map! The...
  2. I Darkstar X

    Shrouded Outskirts A2

    The first of three payload maps where the planet is freezing to death and there is no more natural light. If you're unlucky enough to have played my first ever payload map, it is the same setting. (May also hint at what the third and final map might look like. A little.) This payload map...
  3. I Darkstar X

    Suspension Bridge A1.2

    Trying my hand at another map project. Payload this time, since I enjoy mapping for that gamemode over any others. It is, or will be, fairly large, but dense enough that the issue of scale is nullified. The centerpiece being a large suspension bridge over some murky water. The payload begins...
  4. I Darkstar X

    Dig Site A3

    It is I, much to everyone's chagrin. This map is partly born of the fact I want to make a democratic voting system within hammer because it sounds like it probably will not work, but I am going to try anyway, and maybe I'll get lucky like I did with my I/O Bosses and it will work. Speaking of...
  5. I Darkstar X

    KOTH Warm Evening A1

    A relatively small map, meant to serve as a self-trainer to combat my issue of overscaling. It is not anything very fancy, minus the spells which I have always liked for their gameplay capacity. No pumpkin bombs, though, as I could not get them to function properly, and the map's size makes them...
  6. I Darkstar X

    cp_beckoned_visitor A1

    --- It's another one of my I/O bosses. BIG thanks to Pdan for helping me on the mapper discord to figure out how to get the boss to move like it does. Some innovations compared to my other I/O bosses are as follows: -ITS ALIVE!! ALIIIIIVE!!! (It moves.) -Becomes invincible when no players are...
  7. I Darkstar X

    Parenting path_tracks via logic_measure_movement

    So I'm trying to make a boss that hovers above players while it shoots at them, but I didn't want it to teleport around since that would be really jarring, so I came up with the idea that I could use path_tracks and the infameous LMM to accomplish a smooth movement over players' heads. However...
  8. I Darkstar X

    cp_perfectly_normal A4

    This map's theme is an incursion into a large and mysterious facility. While there, BLU will make things explode a lot as they try to trash the place, while RED tries to prevent all that from happening, of course. Indeed, I want to add a great deal of cinematic value to the map. (If I could...
  9. I Darkstar X

    cp_railgun A4

    The latest of my I/O Boss battle creations, enter the Rail-Gun! With magnetic treads (Mainly because having circular wheels used too many triangles) and a compliment of devastating cannons and miniguns, this hunk of iron is not to be trifled with! But fret not! You can kill him! Railgun has 5...
  10. I Darkstar X

    What can bots walk on?

    Hear me out, hear me out. I have no friends (or enemies) to test (to suffer in) my terrible (-ly confusing) maps, so I use bots, and strive to make my maps as bot-friendly as possible. However, I've encountered a wee bit of a snag. I like moving parts in my maps. I like having whole walkways...
  11. I Darkstar X

    KOTH_Stinkeye B2

    <<INCLUDES A .VMF FOR FELLOW MAPPERS AND/OR CURIOUS PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW HOW IT WORKS>> ---------- WARNING: MAP CAN BE EXTREMELY LAG-INDUCING ON SOME COMPUTERS. ---------- Welcome to koth_stinkeye! (Underwhelming name I know.) This map has been a labor of love for the most part, and rather...
  12. I Darkstar X

    KOTH Bossfight A1

    <<INCLUDES A .VMF FOR FELLOW MAPPERS' USES>> --- A very simple map that isn't really meant to be played as a normal map. Its more of a showcase of a very basic but functional boss-fight made of brushes and entities. Everything is straight vanilla, no additional assets. Made with help, credit...
  13. I Darkstar X

    PL_Firebase_Factory B3

    This map, pl_firebase_factory, is probably one of the favorites I've made thus far. It is also my first attempt at using a 3D skybox and customized fog effects. - It is a misty morning at Firebase Factory. But the sky is as dark as ever, the accursed Shroud stealing away the blue of the sky...
  14. I Darkstar X

    How to make an entity follow a player

    OK, so, I wanted to make a map with a big scary turret thing that aims its big ol' energy beam shooty-mc-shoot gun at players as they come close. Ideally, I'd like it to be able to target the closest player as they become available, then shoot its beam of death at them. If a player breaks...
  15. I Darkstar X

    CP_Starlight B1

    [[[PRE-ALPHA]]] --- My third map, in which I attempt displacements, and a attack/defense gamemode! cp_starlight (I may change the name later.) is a medium-sized map taking place within an enclosed building of some sort. --- Dev Logs for those of you who are interested.
  16. I Darkstar X

    KOTH_Rotation B1

    KOTH_Rotation is my second map, be gentle. But not too gentle. --- I wrote a little lore for the map, if anyone is interested. --- This large map is artistically unique from the source material. Whether or not that's a good thing I'll let you decide. The RED and BLU teams each start in a small...
  17. I Darkstar X

    KOTH_Advantage A4.2

    The first of (hopefully) many before I figure out Attack and Defend as well as events and custom voice stuff. KOTH_Advantage is so named because of the secondary objective located on the second floor above the point that closes half of the opposing team's access points to the main point. This...
  18. I Darkstar X

    One-Map Multi-Point KOTH

    On a scale of one to ten with ten being hardest, how easy would it be to make a map with five KOTH points that activate one by one when the previous is timed down. The team who captures the most of the five wins.