pl_water_reclamation A6

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pl_water_reclamation A6

There's more in the water than just blood.

<Theming to follow>

'Tis me again.

This map was originally imagined as taking place underwater, but because Source does not allow underwater windows, that had to be canned. So instead, I have adjusted the underwater theme to a water reclamation facility one instead.

The map is one of my smaller creations, I feel. I have tried to mess with height as often as would fit for a more dynamic battleground, and a more enjoyable experience. Compared to my other creations, that is.
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Latest updates

  1. 50% Less Death, 14% More Water

    -The deathpit now spits you through a tunnel back into the water under B. I take no responsibility for Flushed Away puns. -Red Spawn doors have been changed so they will not clip though the floor. Again. -The collision on the fences has been...
  2. When Your Door's Don't Work, and Blu Can't Spawn...

    -Fixed the one-way door. I forgot the movement angles don't change when rotated. -Added a Forward Spawn for Blu that activated when they capture the second point. IKEA was closed so there's no furniture inside it currently. -Moved the first...
  3. Just Lighting Error Things

    -Fixed some lighting errors in the flanking route. Should be less dark.