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  1. Endles "Fox" Mann

    Silo V1

    The Silo is a Stragate Command and Goldeneye 007 inspired Capture the Flag map where teams Red and Blu Fight in a remodelled silo inside an old cavern, converted into their own command centres to suit their ever growing need for power. If there are any problems with the map itself, or you have...
  2. str1k

    Everyone knows this.

  3. Jack5

    Domination Hybrid v1

    Description Want to make your own Domination map? Download the prefab by clicking here. You can find the original CP Hybrid here. It never occurred to me during the development of Hybrid that I could turn it into a Domination map, however, now that both me and Docteur Whoa have effectively...
  4. Synglaas

    Intruder Alert v1.2

    Note: The last update during the 72hr Jam broke Level 3. A fixed version can be found on page 2 of the discussion. A small puzzle game in which you attempt to steal the intelligence briefcase. Made using Unity, Blender, Paint.NET, and Audacity Uses models and sound effects from Team Fortress 2...
  5. ☯≤<Nikita>≥㋛雷

    [SFM] Scout runs away with intelligence 2018-07-28

    I made this poster for 72hr TF2Jam 2018 Entry! Here is a snippet of the battle between the scout and the blue team. Looks pretty epic, hope you enjoy it :)
  6. Jack5

    CP Hybrid v4

    Description Hybrid (cp_hybrid_v2) is the result of a large-scale effort to create a competitive-oriented map with community friendly elements, that has a CP gamemode similar to Soldier_engie-demo's ato_mission. The project was headed by Jack5, responsible for map logic, certain custom materials...
  7. Mess About

    Board a1

    Egypt theme again, also there're some torches that don't lit, because of the snow (I haven't added it in yet). Overview: Spawn area: Intel in a pit Connecting bridge Middle area
  8. Mikroscopic

    Pizza Bag Intel a2

    Pizza delivery bag custom intel model Model by @Mikroscopic , textures by @fuzzymellow Includes: One team colored flag with red, blue, and neutral skins plus an extra green skin One permanent neutral flag 3 different LODs for each model