What is the deal with the “sky_day01_01” skybox?

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Assorted Memes

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Mar 5, 2018
I was thinking of using this skybox in a map I am making, but since it was created for the “Target” training map which is well illuminated with non-environmental light entities, it has no prior used environmental light values attached to it (at least none recorded on the dev wiki).

How could I find out what environmental light settings I should use in my map in conjunction with the skybox? There doesn’t seem to be a viseable sun, however a bright patch of parted storm cloud can be seen to one side. Would that be where I should base my light angles?

The skybox can be found on the TF2 wiki’s list of skyboxes, or by loading a test map with “sky_day01_01”. It is not listed on the Valve developer wiki’s sky list because as mentioned before, it has no prior used environmental lighting settings and is thus not a complete “sky”.

(P.S. Out of curiosity, what skybox does “cp_mossrock” use?)


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Oct 28, 2017
You can decompile the map, and view the light_environment that way


Feb 7, 2008
sky_day01_01 is a skybox from HL2. Its settings are:

Angle: 0 165 0
Pitch: -35
Light: 237 218 143 800
Ambient: 190 201 220 100

Mossrock appears to be using sky_granary_01 but I cannot confirm that.