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  1. Fiddleford

    sky_creek_01 1.0

    As requested, now YOU can also use this skybox in YOUR maps!
  2. BiiigSip

    Mercenary Park Asset Zoo 1

    This Asset Zoo is a library consisting of multiple aspects which are listed bellow (all of which are separated into separate sections in the Vmf) -Models -Textures and Overlays -Brushwork Models -Every Model that is listed under the props_island sub category in the model browser -Models with...
  3. Katsu! :3

    sky_industrial_01 final

    Meet sky_industrial_01, a skybox texture created by Fishbus for @IrishTaxIDriver's map "cp_industrial." This skybox is great, as it's useful for a variety of different themes that use a nighttime setting. Check out cp_industrial_b2 right here to see what the skybox looks like in a real map...
  4. FateFighter

    disable skybox

    how can i disable 3d skyblock in multiple areas?
  5. KaPPY

    Problems with 3D Skybox

    Hello! So I have a decompiled map that I want to make an edit for. I have a problem fixing the skybox of the map, the map's skybox doesn't show up like pictured below. I have followed along both 3kliksphilip's and TopHATTwaffle's tutorials and I added a sky_camera in the skybox and the...
  6. Linxy

    Particles appearing in 3D skybox when it's not supposed to.

    I'm working on a halloween version of badlands (koth) for me and a friend, and I added the hammer_souls_rising particle about 460 units above the capture point, but for some reason they also appear off in the distance where the 3D skybox is placed outside the map. I tried raising the skybox in...
  7. Emil_Rusboi

    Cloudsky Skybox v1

    sky_skyclouds_01 (Made by Flo)
  8. Tumby

    Skybox Plugins for Paint.NET

    I have created 2 plugins for Paint.NET that should greatly assist in the manual creation of skyboxes. The idea is that instead of painting on the 6 faces of a cube, you instead paint on the surface of a sphere. Download it on github! Simple go to the Releases section on the right side of the...
  9. D

    Skybox faces to VDC like panorama (Substance Designer) v3

    quick substance designer node i once made to stitch a bunch of skyboxes in a presentable format in a reasonable amount of time. it's not great Extract the skybox faces, turn them into usable colour images like PNG or BMP or whatever, link them to the appropriate inputs, then link an output...
  10. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ocean Floor 6/15/2022

    This is some old skybox i made Name is sky_oceanfloor_01
  11. Emil_Rusboi

    Disco Elysium Skybox v1

    Stylistically interesting painted skybox inspired by videogame Disco Elysium (hence the name) Sky_elysium_01
  12. bowacunga

    green/polluted skybox 2022-02-06

    i have a map in development i wanna use this skybox for (hopefully i don't lose motivation like all my other maps). but you can use it too if you want it's an edited version of upward's sky
  13. Fiddleford

    72 Hour Jam sky_desertnight_01 1.0

    sky_desertnight_01 Night themed skybox that I've made for the 72hr Jam 2021. Use with credit.
  14. Ismaciodismorphus

    sky_goldrush_02 12/4/2021

    An edit of goldrush's skybox to invoke a more nuclear theme by tinting it green
  15. Ismaciodismorphus

    sky_badlands_easter 12/3/2021

    Extract contents into your tf/custom folder Fixed version of sky_badlands_pyrolands intended for an easter themed map Skybox name is sky_badlands_easter
  16. Fiddleford

    sky_desert_01 1.0b

    sky_desert_01 Skybox that I've made for my submission to In&Out Contest. Comes with lighting settings but there is no definite sun so you have broad range of sun position. Use with credit.
  17. Ismaciodismorphus

    Stormfront_03 Skybox

    Stormfront_03 as used on and
  18. Kunny

    Skybox visual bug

    My skybox has a weird visual bug where it appears as if I were staring into the void. This only happens when Iook at the skybox at certain angles and when I have r_3dsky set to "1", so I know that it is an issue with the 3d skybox. My console does not report any leaks, and I've tried changing...
  19. Fault in Maps

    7 Flat [Single Color] Skyboxes V2

    7 Single Color skyboxes for whatever purpose you might find for them? Made cause I needed a pure white background for a different project, figured I'd compile a little collection. Included skyboxes: BLACK - sky_flatblack_01 BLUE - sky_flatblue_01 (bluteam blue) BROWN - sky_flatbrown_01...
  20. Chef Pasta

    Hammer can't seem to find the skybox?

    [SOLVED] Hey all! I'm building my first map but I'm having a problem with my skybox working. I get that "hall of mirrors" effect as if there were a huge leak but there is not. Pasting the log into gets me: material "skybox/sky_outpost_01rt" not found This is not a...