What do you think of KoTH Harvest?

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Jun 1, 2013
I personally don't like playing on koth_harvest and I know I'm not alone. I have met already a few times with an opinion that this map is "bad". My question is: What are koth_harvest's biggest faults? I also have a second question: What are this map's strong points (if there are any) that most other KoTH maps don't have?


Doctorate in Deliciousness
Mar 31, 2012
Harvest's main issue is that it was an Arena map first and a KOTH map second. Things like spawn camping as well as how open it is for snipers wasn't as much of an issue when everyone only had one life.

As KOTH, it's biggest positive in my opinion is how fast players can get to the action. Explosive classes specifically can get to action areas almost immediately by going over the roof of the building in front of spawn. The point also makes for some interesting play space as it provides cover for both attackers and defenders, making for tense fights from time to time. There are downsides to the point area, however, since the small building increases splash damage capabilities and the big doors on each side make for one large sightline all the way across the map.

It's not bad detail wise either having an autumn theme that isn't seen all too often.


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Jun 27, 2019
Sight lines and cover options are really bad on this map. I’ve seen people make versions of this map where the sight lines are fixed, but even then the map feels strenuous to play on.

A problem of the map is how quick it is to get to the action. Maps like Viaduct take time to get to the frontline. In Harvest, all you do is jump over a building and you’re there

The Siphon

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Mar 2, 2015
From what I've noticed, proper map design doesn't always guarantee popularity. Maps like 2fort, turbine, and harvest receive a lot of critique and are often called bad maps. They have long sightlines, the combat happens right outside the spawn and people tend to focus more on killing each other than the objective, but at the same time, they still are the most popular maps in the game.

Personally, I enjoy them a lot since they allow mindless fun and mayhem, same goes for harvest.


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Sep 20, 2015
imo the things that make harvest unique and fun are also the source of its problems, i dont think you could replicate the fun parts without also having the issues they create


Jun 17, 2010
Best things about Harvest is the fluent design. It's quick, simple and open in the middle. A lot of people seem to like harvest due to it being fast, you dont need to run into frontlines long time and you can get fast into action. Harvest is propably the most popular koth map in the game too.

The bad things in it are the spawns - how easily they can be camped by powerfull classes. Spawn area is so small that there isnt too many exits out there. Another thing is low frames when theres lots of people in the map. Everything gets drawn out from corner to corner in the middle, except some indoor areas.

It's not bad detail wise either having an autumn theme that isn't seen all too often.

Harvest basically was the first map ever to use it.


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Jul 7, 2019
Honestly said in my opinion I enjoy that how fast the action comes in the map. It is quite nice compared to other maps and I like the theme and style of the map too. It is fun

It downfall comes just the spawns and long sight lines. The entrances are basically the same. Just opposite side but because how small the area is next to spawn it is just easy to camp so basically anyone who knows what they are doing can use it well. Also the long sight lines are kinda annoying but because what kind of map Harvest is. You cant really fix them