Smiw A4a

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Smiw A4a

Angled, not tilted. A small KotH map.

Smiw is a small KoTH map in its early stage of development.
Intended features:
  • Harvest-sized (more or less)
  • NOT following the "Viaduct formula"
  • unusual angles
  • snipers not welcome
  • flankmaxxing

It's pronounced "smeeve".
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Update to version A4a

    trying to remedy the most urgent issues while working one the next proper version: extended the outpost's wall to break the sightline across the point removed a bizzare clipping brush around the bypass boulder no more jumping over the bypass...
  2. Update to version A4

    theming the left field: added an elevated alley along the edge of the map (kind of) extended the paved street from the control point along the front of the outpost building removed the boulder, instead added 2 trees and a van theming the...
  3. Update to version A3b

    general: - ironed out janky displacement seams which sometimes hindered players' movements