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    I have compiled a bunch of threads, tutorials and videos that you might find useful.

    Note some of this might be complex. I know Egan already made this but there are some useful things (in my eyes) that he didn't have in the thread particularly Idolon's and Fishbus' videos.

    The Hows and Whys of Level Design - Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong
    Development Process:
    Shoreleave [Playlist] - [UEAK] Crash
    Trenchfoot [Playlist] - [UEAK] Crash
    Glassworks [Playlist] - [UEAK] Crash
    TF2 Mapping Commentary - TF2Maps Winter 2015 72hr Contest Recap/ Timelapse [plr_split] - [UEAK] Crash
    TF2 Mapping Commentary - TF2Maps 2014 Winter 72 Hour Contest Recap [pl_subzero] - [UEAK] Crash
    [ARTICLE] Snowplow and the tricks we used to create the Largest map in TF2 - Fr0Z3nR
    Mangy's Frontier Essay - MangyCarface
    The Dev Process: Creating MVM Steep - Idolon
    The Dev Process: Creating KOTH Anthem - tyler
    ctf converge - Aaron ‘Psy’ Garcha
    Devlog - koth_synthetic [Playlist] - MegapiemanPHD
    [Article] 5CP, Competing Against Badlands - grazr
    From Scratch: Designing a Team Fortress Level - Bobby Ross
    Post Mortem: CTF_Eden - Jethro Jongeneel
    Level Design in TF2 (Part 2) - Uncuepa​


    Zoos and Prefabs:

    Misc / General Tips:

    Will continually update to to include more.
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