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    I have compiled a bunch of threads, tutorials and videos that you might find useful. I have ordered individual links in their respective categories by relevancy and how much usefulness I find their information.

    Note some of this might be complex. I know Egan already made this but there are some useful things (in my eyes) that he didn't have in the thread particularly Idolon's and Fishbus' videos.

    Feel free to comment suggestions that you want me to put here.

    The Hows and Whys of Level Design - Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong
    Development Process:
    Shoreleave [Playlist] - [UEAK] Crash
    Trenchfoot [Playlist] - [UEAK] Crash
    Glassworks [Playlist] - [UEAK] Crash
    [ARTICLE] Snowplow and the tricks we used to create the Largest map in TF2 - Fr0Z3nR
    Mangy's Frontier Essay - MangyCarface
    The Dev Process: Creating MVM Steep - Idolon
    The Dev Process: Creating KOTH Anthem - tyler
    ctf converge - Aaron ‘Psy’ Garcha
    TF2 Mapping Commentary - TF2Maps Winter 2015 72hr Contest Recap/ Timelapse [plr_split] - [UEAK] Crash
    PL-VanishingPoint by Kim Dahlgren
    devlog - plr_rush - MegapiemanPHD
    TF2 Mapping Commentary - TF2Maps 2014 Winter 72 Hour Contest Recap [pl_subzero] - [UEAK] Crash
    Devlog - koth_synthetic [Playlist] - MegapiemanPHD
    pl_eruption scrapped designs and it’s history (tf2) - basilhs333
    Timelapse Fortress 2: tc_strata [Part 1] - YM
    Timelapse Fortress 2: tc_strata [Part 2] - YM
    Timelapse Fortress 2: tc_strata [Part 3] - YM
    Level Design in TF2 (Part 2) - Uncuepa
    KotH_ Deathbagel - Learn How to Build Team Fortress 2 Maps Part 2 - ArraySeven
    plr_dotmd72 - dotmd
    [Article] 5CP, Competing Against Badlands - grazr
    From Scratch: Designing a Team Fortress Level - Bobby Ross
    Post Mortem: CTF_Eden - Jethro Jongeneel
    The Making of Arena_Watchtower - Joshua Shiflet​

    Angled Geometry in Source - Ian 'Idolon' Spadin
    Functional Lighting - Magnar Jenssen
    Hammer Guide: Stairs - Ian 'Idolon' Spadin
    [Article] Stairs and your map. - grazr
    [ARTICLE] Roofs, Skybox brushes and your map. - grazr
    [Tutorial] Eliminating Dark Rooms - grazr
    [Guide] Composition and you - Idolon
    [Guide]Displacements - Basic Construction (Part 1) - Freyja / Aly
    [Guide] Seamless 3D Skyboxes - Freyja / Aly
    [GUIDE] A Primer on Basic Structures - Idolon
    A small guide on hazard stripes which nobody asked for - Skylark
    Hammer Tips - Spiral ramps - Ian 'Idolon' Spadin
    Hammer Tutorial: Circular brushwork tunnel - Ian 'Idolon' Spadin
    [GUIDE] How To Make Dirt Roads - Corvatile
    NoderNaeta's mapping lessons - NoderNaeta
    Art Pass Contest Entries - contains entries for the Art Pass Contest
    Making A Team Fortress 2 Map Overlay Poster - Fishbus
    [Tutorial] Making a Poster Overlay - Nineaxis
    [Tutorial] How to Make a Brick/Rubble Pile - BigfootBeto
    Creating Modular Curved Structures with Zero Floating Point Precision Loss - iiboharz​

    Zoos and Prefabs:
    Mapper Interview - Freyja - [UEAK] Crash
    Mapper Interviews - 01 Icarus (Hosted by Egan)
    Mapper Interviews - 02 Heyo (Hosted by Egan)

    Misc / General Tips:

    Will continually update to to include more.
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    Changelog 1:
    - Added both PL-VanishingPoint by Kim Dahlgreen and ArraySeven’s / Twin Mill’s video to the Map Development category
    - Added Radaka’s tutorial on health and ammo pack placement under the layout category
    - Changed the paragraph about I how ranked individual ranks to make it more clear towards readers.
    - Added a paragraph encouraging readers to include their own suggestions in the comments
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    Honestly this should be pinned, especially with the influx of new members.
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    This certainly is an awesome thing to be able to refer others and myself to when questions are brought up. Many thanks!
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    Changelog 2:
    - Moved PL-VanishingPoint up three places
    - Added multiple of Idolon's videos under Detail
    - Added the article Functional Lighting by Magnar Jenssen under Detail
    - Added How to watch OR Record a Demo TF2 - DJive under Misc
    - Added [TIP] Leaks, Hints and Areaportals by spaceweasel under Optimization
    - Lowered pl_subzero and plr_split in Development Process
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    Changelog 3:
    - Added "Longest sightlines in maps" by @Skylark under Misc
    - Added the word relevancy in the paragraph about how I order links to make it more clearer.
    - Then I combined the last paragraph with the first paragraph.
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    Just be aware for anyone watching the video for Watchtower: That is not the best way to work on a map. In fact, I'd argue that it is one of the worst ways. It's essentially filling up space after making a big empty room. Better way is to build the areas together so the areas are cohesive and that it compliments each other to create a level. Watchtower video demonstrates the old way of mapping that is barely viable in 2019 standards.
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    Update notes thingies:
    - Added in egan’s interview with heyo and icarus
    - Added a separate category specifically for interviews
    - Added watchtower and put it on the low end of the list
    - added in stuff by Idolon
    - Added the Devlog playlist of plr_rush by @MegapiemanPHD
    - Added the hazard guide by @Skylark
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    added in [COLLAB] Class Expertise for Map Design by x6herbius
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    - Added pl_eruption scrapped designs and it’s history (tf2) by @basilhs333, tc_strata Timelapse by YM, How a Map Gets Made by Valve and How-to create a boss by @TheMrStalin