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    To help with scaling my maps, I’ve been making a list of the travel times for KotH maps popular in casual/competitive TF2 – maybe it'll prove useful for some of you, too.

    The rules for these times were as follows:
    • All times are approximate and were taken from whatever spawn point I happened to start at, so factor in ~.5s on either side for good/bad spawns.
    • All routes were walked as Pyro (who moves at 300 units/s, same as sniper and engineer).
    • I took the fastest route I could find to each area.
    • Only walking and regular (not crouch) jumping allowed.
    • Travel times to the control points were taken to just inside the capture zone, not to the centre of the CP.


    CP: 11s
    Battlements: 10s

    CP: 12s
    Left battlement: 8s
    Right battlement: 10s

    CP: 12.5s
    Battlements: 10.5s

    CP: 12s
    Left battlement: 12s
    Right battlement: 10s

    CP: 13.5s
    Left battlement: 12.5s
    Middle battlement: 10.5s
    Right battlement: 12.5s

    Badlands (KotH)
    CP (upper path): 12s
    Under CP (lower path) 11.5s
    Battlements: 10.5s

    CP: 13s
    Rear battlements? (balcony, view of mid area but not of point itself): 8s
    Battlements (open bridge, view of point): 11.5s

    CP: 13.5s
    Battlements: 11.5s

    Airfield_b7 (N.B. this is played in 4v4, so it may be too small for casual. Or maybe not)
    CP: 10.5s
    Battlements: 8s

    CP: 13s
    Raised buildings on either side of point: both 13.5s

    Some things I noticed:
    • The fastest route to the control point was often the lowest and most exposed route to take; the side route(s) were usually slightly slower but provided higher ground and/or more cover.
    • Different maps have more or less winding paths to mid, but there was almost always a direct-ish middle path with minimal diversions.
    • While the times may not seem to vary much, the difference does feel significant – maybe it was just because I was staring at the clock, but getting to Highpass or Brazil mid certainly felt longer than getting to Viaduct mid.

    Hope this is useful!
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    Wow, just what I needed. Literally. Thanks!