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Tripar Final1

Welcome to KOTH Tripar, where train drivers die daily!

  1. n8five484
    Tripar was made back in August 2015 and was my first complete map and is one of my proudest effort I have ever made to this day despite its many bugs. Presumably made after having an argument with MayhemHem on his map, cp_blackrock and takabuschik's guide on how to create a train.

    Uses sky_dawn_01 by owly-oop.

    I will not update this map after tweaking Final1. Instead, I'm planning on doing a remake of this map once I'm done with Jelena or other maps.

    koth_tripar_final10004.jpg koth_tripar_final10005.jpg koth_tripar_final10006.jpg koth_tripar_final10007.jpg koth_tripar_final10008.jpg koth_tripar_final10009.jpg koth_tripar_final10011.jpg koth_tripar_final10010.jpg koth_tripar_final10012.jpg koth_tripar_final10013.jpg koth_tripar_final10014.jpg koth_tripar_final10015.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: Final
    it was just poorly made this map
    1. n8five484
      Author's Response
      At least it's my first completed map and at least it has a layout in some way.