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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Aeix, Nov 14, 2016.

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    I kinda touched on this in the gameday earlier today, but I was wondering if I could get some more specific answers; mainly surrounding the difficulty of taking the various points. Do people think it's better to have the last points easy to take and the middle point hard to take - or the other way around?
    Just interested to know people's opinion so I can tweak my (hopefully upcoming) map accordingly!
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    I assume you're talking 3cp in terms of symmetrical?
    Problem with making the last points easy to take is that the entire game basically boils down to "who takes mid" and the rest is just a formality.
    What's this forum's general opinion on Powerhouse, anyway?
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  3. nesman

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    It can be a fun time if you are looking for a long match with other players that are dedicated. Like on powerhouse I enjoy that map because its small and simple and easy to stalemate it poses a challenge to both teams to work together more then 5cp I feel.
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    in 5cp you have 2nd as a buffer point so that losing a midfight still leaves you with a footing to try pushing back

    in koth you dont have a last to worry about so you can focus on the point

    in 3cp if you lose mid you have to either commit to defending last or attempt to push mid at great risk of a backcap, meaning you'll probably stalemate it out trying to slowly push your defensive wall forward toward mid
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    Powerhouse feels like a 5cp map where Valve removed the 2nd and 4th points.

    Heck, you can even tell where they used to be, in what's sometimes referred to as "the launch room."
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    I so much agree on this. 3cp powerhouse is just pushing between last and mid, every single time. Atleast it doesnt' have the issue which some 5cp maps have - the one who caps mid first, will get to keep it and fights happen between last and 2nd last.

    3CP generally can be better than 5CP when symmetric, but the last caps are way too easy to turtle and hold on. Maybe if the point was more of a way to middle point than left at the last, it might work (if spawn is some way of behind the point). Last shouldn't be too hard to cap or too fast but not too long either.

    I'm currently building a map that i planned to be 3CP - but asymmetric one. I find that players can find more joy in those (as well as in payload) instead of going back and forth in the same map. But it's only 4 days old so, wont be out in a while.