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Mystic Monkey

L5: Dapper Member
Jan 24, 2011
So I've been stumped on this for a few weeks now, to the point I have been wondering if I bit off more than I can chew with attempting to make a Payload Race map. If I'd known I'd had this much trouble I should of started making sure the gamemode was functional before making most of Stage A.
For context, I've used GametypeLibrary to copy-paste all the important entities and while there has been some trial and error I (mostly) figured out how to set the controlling entites. I made sure the RED cart had the same property addresses as the BLU cart as well as the team control entities etc etc.
I got the BLU cart to to work just fine, I can push it to it's terminal.
The RED cart however I just can't get to budge. It sounds like it's working but no matter what I fiddle with it won't move. Im probably stupidly overlooking something, or it's something I keep missing.
I tried compile checker which reports no leaks or problems, I tried ` console which reported some problems but I dunno if they relate to the cart or not.
I've set up placeholder areas for "Stage B" and "Stage C" but the stages don't seem to switch after BLU wins Stage A, even though I am positive I set all the team_control_points and path_tracks correctly, especially their names to be recognised by the t_c_p_rounds and teamtrain_watchers.

Ironically at one point the RED cart once moved while the BLU cart did not, I can't remember what I did to fix this.

Given I can't pinpoint the problem, I was wondering if it's acceptable to upload unfinished or broken .vmf files to TF2Maps? I noticed WIP maps on the Download section with devtextures, I haven't played them but I pressume they're still functional maps, I was wondering if the problem can't be solved I could upload the hammer file for a diagnosis? Or should TF2Maps only have working maps? Is it a rule?

TL;DR: I copy-pasted from GametypeLibrary, I made sure everything was addressed to correspond/mirror one another team sides, but still getting problems in the pictures.
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Da Spud Lord

Occasionally I make maps
Mar 23, 2017

This is definitely a problem. Each control point has an "Index" which must be unique to that control point only. If two control points have the same index value, then you get this error and some control points stop working. In this way, the control point entities for each team should not match.

Keep in mind the control point entities just need to function the same - they don't need to (and shouldn't) literally be the same.


Not a Krusty Krab
Oct 15, 2014
Spudlord is def correct.

If it helps you; the commands "ent_text <entity name>" and "ent_fire <entity_name> <input> <parameters>" can help you troubleshoot further.

ent_text will show values about an entity on the map. Example a math counter, ent_text will show its current value
ent_fire will send an input you specify to an entity. Such as "ent_fire ssplr_trainwatcher setnumcappers 1000" will set the cart to pretend to have 1000 cappers on it.

Another helpful one is showtriggers_toggle which shows you all the trigger areas. It should also surround the cart iirc

Mystic Monkey

L5: Dapper Member
Jan 24, 2011
Hoo boy, I feel like a dummy for missing that all this time. I had a feeling it was something obvious or something minute. Even I can't tell which it falls under. Those little thank badges should be bigger to show the gratiude I feel.

I still have some problems, with the Stage B transition but I'm possitive I can work it out from here on in. :)
If I struggle I'll ask for help.

Thank you.