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  1. SwaggyZeal

    72hr Jam 2023 Sisyphus a3a

    I wanted to make a payload race map where you end up where you began or something like that. I made this for the Jam because it just happened to line up with when the idea struck me.
  2. halfcircle

    72hr Jam 2023 Sobek A1

    egypt-themed payload circuit (1 track, hit enemy cart with your cart) map with big pyramid in middle made for 72hr jam 2023 uses content: Maid's Payload Circuit Prefab Maid's Payload Circuit Signs Freyja's Egypt Content download icon made by my friend
  3. Funnystuf

    72hr Jam 2023 Bargain a4

    Features a custom Shopping Cart... cart. Other Custom Content Used: Frontline Supply Drop London Asset Pack The TF2 Vehicle Prop Pack Bonk Machine by boomsta Dan's Slaughter and Laughter Assets by Diva Dan
  4. heyyou

    plr_gauntlet A2

    What's worse, bullets or a gauntlet of traps? 2 Stage PLR Halloween map. Players will traverse a gauntlet of things such as swing blades, flying darts, spears, and other hidden things to compete pushing their cart to the end in a haunted castle setting. Map originally started in 2013ish as...
  5. Ponds34

    CactusCross_a1 Alpha 2

    A hightower esc payload race map with the style of pl_cactuscanyon.
  6. KahMei

    Waterwork A3

    Payload Race set in a water processing plant.
  7. Cornsauce

    Nightfall Pro, a sixes payload race experiment (OPEN)

    Haven't worked on this in probably over a year, so I thought I might as well post it here for inspiration's sake, or if someone wants to pick it up. As the title suggests, this is my attempt at balancing a payload race map for 6v6, using the regular competitive ruleset. I chose Nightfall...
  8. Funnystuf

    plr_funnystuf_mc24 a1

  9. spruce

    Caustic B1

    Caustic is a diagonally mirrored Payload race map with inspiration from Upward and Hightower As the name implies this map aims to be chaotic as seen with the Game-mode, gameplay dynamic and symmetry. This map may not get updates often as it's a fun project rather than a serious one LOL! Did...
  10. True lemon

    Duo-Load A2b

    It plays like CTF. Feedback wanted.
  11. Roboto

    [PLR] Beachside a2a

  12. Tumby

    Tumby MC22 a1a

    A Payload Race map made for the 22nd Microcontest. This map uses 99 solids. I don't really know what I'm doing.
  13. Chell

    72hr Jam 2022 plr_shoppingmall 1

    payload race in a mall for the 72hr jam, :) first tf2 map ever too!
  14. Chell

    solved because im so smart

    I cannot find any documentation or youtube videos on how to make a payload race map, anyone know how or does nobody care about this gamemode enough?
  15. Aulli

    Aulli 2022-08-21

    First place winner in Grizzly's 10 day contest Credits: Forklift model by Rexy Semi-truck models by FGD5 Delivery van models by Evil Knevil & NassimO Badger Cutout by Emil Large Pipes by AsG_Alligator Extol Textures by Yrrzy
  16. Roboto

    towerhaul a1

    Known Bugs: Some Rollbacks/Rollforwards don't show on hud Blu track on UI cuts off near the end (Not sure if it's Hud dependent or not)
  17. pont

    pont mc21 a1

    your carts have been fitted with motors. really heavy motors that you can barely push. and they're weak enough to be overpowered by one guy. good luck!
  18. Le Codex

    Unrailed A5

    This is a project primarily made for fun, but that I decided I'll probably throw in the 2022 April Fools test, because why not. In this map, both teams compete to make sure their cart reaches their destination. The catch is, they have to build the tracks! Using trees and rocks, they'll have to...
  19. pogviuemper

    Multi Stage Sugar Mill b3

    Originally made in August for 48 hour map jam (this jam wasn't hosted on Screenshots are from the original version, but the changes are barely visible.
  20. Gothic Organist

    Plr_renaissance (72h) A1

    My 2021 72 hour entry loosely based on my home town. It is a payload race map with trams as payloads. I will fix the long sightlines in the map centre, no worries :3