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  1. AlyxBailey

    pl_jammyboi 2022-07-25

    very much unfinished atm, consists of blu spawn and A point, with a placeholder final cap where the map is currently not made custom assets from freya's greek pack earkham's sphinx pack community frontline pack 3dnj's bulletcrop content pack DOESN'T HAVE CONTENT PACKED, working on that now >.<
  2. cakedon

    Depot (Control Points) 0.6

    I got a late start to this Jam and this may or may not be the main factor in not finishing this. Might just classify this as Scene Decoration, or something like that. Anyways, in its finished state, this would be a CP map with 2 control points (budget's a beach) set in a snowy valley on a foggy...
  3. cat fish

    KotH Levcore

    cat fish submitted a new resource: Levcore - A koth map with a special gimmick Read more about this resource...
  4. Dr.Pootis-001

    CTF_Woodworks Beta V1

    a collaborative prototype of a map called woodworks. it has many bugs that need to be addressed such as the flags not working on player and only for bots.
  5. nesman

    72hr_nesman a0

    Between the stream and laying wreaths I had little to no time to work on my jam entry. I still want to upload this to show the basic blocking out stages, maybe it'll help someone out with an idea. Still working on the map. There is no logic and only 1 spawn in this map so far.
  6. Mystic Monkey

    PLR cart not moving

    So I've been stumped on this for a few weeks now, to the point I have been wondering if I bit off more than I can chew with attempting to make a Payload Race map. If I'd known I'd had this much trouble I should of started making sure the gamemode was functional before making most of Stage A...
  7. John I want a divorce.

    The Striking Resemblance.

    D'ya ever wonder what it feels like to get hit by a giant bowling pin? no? Scout does. BONK! I was really hoping to make an animation for this, demonstrating. but i couldn't get the models into SFM. (It's my first time trying to make anything for Valve games etc.) If this post is updatable...
  8. NTMonsty

    Fruitland 2 B4

    In a city that combines the architectural styles of New York, London, Hong Kong, and Lego City, an Urban mall has been the target of an attack from the crate-making companies, leading to RED and BLU discovering the potential for city-wide domination in just this one mildly vandalized urban...
  9. R

    heartseas A1

    A map I've worked on for quite a while now, and my first one! I've decided not to continue this one now that I've started on a new map that I'll soon publish here at some point so don't expect much out of it. It is VERY rough sketch and unfinished and I most likely won't be close to completing...
  10. Shockk

    The Pillar Arc V2 2.1

    My first map ever! I'm pretty proud of it. Very early version but (as far as I know) 100% playable.
  11. DXB6_Maps

    Red vs. Blu vBeta1.1 vA1.2

    Red vs. Blu is a map i made for fun, and is currently under development. I am planning on making it a professional map over time.
  12. Scampi

    Detail Production 2019-08-05

    Very much a WIP, and also probably broken. Wait until I update it a few more times before loading it up! Didn't end up with as much usable jam time as I wanted, but I got something done, anyway. A detail map of a RED production facility for spytech weaponry and other technologies.
  13. spetz

    Granite Alpha V2

    GRANITE koth_granite is my first ever proper map I've made in hammer. I wanted my first map to be very basic using the viaduct formula crash talks about in his hammer tutorials. I chose to set the map at night time as it seems not many maps in the casual pool are set in the evening and I...
  14. MrManofaMister

    koth_turbine [open]

    As you can probably guess by the name this map was supposed to be a recreation of ctf_turbine to a koth format. Unfortunately in my haste I made the map a little too big and eventually I just lost inspiration to continue it. Both spawns are not finished and Red side doesn't even have a spawn...
  15. Drages Nolya

    cp_bridgo v5

    unfinsihed and more simplifed
  16. Drages Nolya

    cp_bridgo V3

    unfinsihed, worked on lighting and blu's routes to the points
  17. Drages Nolya

    cp_bridgo v1

    UNFIINISHED but i have a clear idea of basic layout
  18. Drages Nolya

    cp_bridgo t2

  19. Drages Nolya

    cp_bridgo t1

  20. Drages Nolya

    koth_bridgy V5

    yeah still unfinished but it is in a much more playable state