1. 14bit

    April Fools Gameday 2024

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mar. 24, 2024 Contact: 14bit Senior Staff @14bit @14bit April Fools Event 2024 -The Team will host its annual April Fools Gameday event in an effort to promote creativity, silliness, and tomfoolery. Submissions are now open for both new and...
  2. Sonoma

    Another FSPBanana Grab-Bag Gameday #2

    The year is 2008 It is once again time to play some old maps, once again I have delved deep into the depths of FSPBanana to find some of the oldest, most ancient maps I could find for this game, 8 of them in fact. Are they any good? No clue. That's what we are here to see, do these maps stand...
  3. Sinful Creature

    72hr Jam 2023 TF_BG Pack: Map Menu Backgrounds 1

    Maps of various themes designed to be used with the map_background command! I've tried to make as many as I could within the 72 hour time frame ( I did start a tad late, mind you ). Install Instructions: Download the map .bsp files included in to your maps folder to check them...
  4. Capybara Maps

    Tf2 Water with no drowning Effect

    Hello all. So I got back into Hammer a little bit (use Hammer ++ for this). I want to create a map where the drowning damage stays away from the water, that you can stay underwater infinitely long. I first used Trigger_Hurt for this, which is satisfactory but not perfect, as the player still...
  5. Loafer

    Hallowville a9a

    A simple PD map where you collect candy buckets from the opposing team and bring them back to your side. First map so criticism is appreciated. Credits: Manor Candles props - Panckakebro Halloween ammo packs, resupply lockers, and jack-o'-lanterns - Coolchou Zhao Sinthetic prop pack - Tianes...
  6. Capp

    Maps named after periodic elements (that I could find)

    If for some weird reason you ever wondered just how many tf2 maps are there named after elements of the periodic table, here is a cool list of every one of those I have found so far: -Aluminium by Huwareyou -Cobalt by phi (deleted) -Ferrum by Tarry H Sruman (it means iron) -Lead by Snickerpuffs...
  7. Micky Smouse

    koth_crossway a3

    Koth crossway is a map with a layout designed to be fast paced and dynamic. The spaces where imagined to favor a circular motion and allow for fun interactions (at least that's what I'm hopping for) The map is set between two fake factories created by each team to serve as a cover story while...
  8. Fafnir

    Looking for someone to redesign a map for our trade server!

    Hello! My partner and I are looking for someone to commission, to essentially redesign a map for our new trade server. This would include added new textures and models and consolidating "removing the fluff" of the current map to make it more small. If you are interested please add me on either...
  9. JackHundeswald

    [Solved] Looking for specific Dance Floor textures, don't know where 2 look

    Hello everyone, As this website is usually great for finding answers, I have come here instead of my Internet navigator, because he didn't seem to find what I was looking for. I'm looking for a good old Dance Floor. something disco to put in my map. I know they exist, I've seen them on...
  10. Mystic Monkey

    PLR cart not moving

    So I've been stumped on this for a few weeks now, to the point I have been wondering if I bit off more than I can chew with attempting to make a Payload Race map. If I'd known I'd had this much trouble I should of started making sure the gamemode was functional before making most of Stage A...
  11. J

    does anyone know where this map is?

    link to the site
  12. HyperCake

    Mt. Hale A3

  13. Zhiris

    TF2Maps Contest question - Starting up a Contest

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this and pardon me if it isn't in the right spot. I love this website and it's contest and how it motivates the community and the game itself to thrive! The events from this summer was really fun to look into and see what some people can make in...
  14. Fate Fighter

    Random Boss Spawn Killed And Spawned

    Hi i recently started doing random boss spawn with logic_timer with logic_case, it works all but how can i solve that if the button is pressed and there is a boss on the field kill the boss and if the button is pressed again 3600-7200 seconds to spawn random boss again? Oh and a couple of...
  15. VaporJade

    koth_purewater_a1 2020-09-06

    A map made for the 72 Hour 2020 jam made entirely by me, it's themed around water treatment plants and a park in my hometown. I started working on it a little late (‎September ‎5, ‎2020, ‏‎3:24:03 AM) and I didn't want to risk posting too late so I haven't placed any player clips, proper...

    I need getting a refrence for a map

    Im trying to make a attack/defense map that is basically Postal 2's home area, yet I cant find an in-game birds eye view of it. could someone either tell me how to go noclip in postal and take screenshots or possibly do it please. Thank you!
  17. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil's Orphaned Things Collection

    Well, after 8 months of being in this community (and creating quality content), I've decided it is time for me to move on. I started level design because the levels in my game were extremely flat, and I'm going to continue to make games (I also recently created a new twitter so if you want you...
  18. Tango

    Tango's Thrift 'n' Value Store™ is now [OPEN]

    PUBLIC NOTICE: STORE CLOSING; ALL ITEMS IN STORE ARE NOW FREE Unfortunately due to alleged health and safety violations Tango's Thrift 'n' Value Store™ will be closing and all items on the store shelves are yours for the taking...
  19. Leonin

    Light_env, secret room and windows completely bugged.

    (First time posting) I was bored and decided to make a small map based on Superhot, although it would have worked better if I knew how to map well. if someone will fix it please send me the file and I'll give you some hats. :engieyay:
  20. D

    How to download map making assets

    I want to start making makes and I found the frontline assets (Frontline supply drop v2) but it is a download package and I don't know how to get it into the hammer map maker, I read that you had to use Compile pal, but I don't know how to use that either