PL Frostport A5

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Mar 17, 2016
Snowfall - Payload Map Remake

God this was delayed a ton.
Snowfall is a complete remake off of my latest failure, Snowforest.

Snowfall is a Single Stage Payload map w/ no gimmicks.
Now I have to go fix that spectator camera put on any.
Can't wait for feedback!
Also can't wait for actual feedback!
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Jul 10, 2017
snowfell would be amazing and original; extreme change to the previous, pls do.


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Apr 10, 2014
Is "Snowwoods" taken? If not, that might be a good map name!


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Mar 17, 2016
Is "Snowwoods" taken? If not, that might be a good map name!
i'm planning for this to be a dock themed map, like the original. i wouldn't prefer that since it suggests a more snowy-forest theme. shrimptown is a good candidate imo, i'll probably choose that. otherwise, i'm open for suggestions, and gameplay feedback.


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Mar 17, 2016


-adjusted flank to last
-shortened upper balcony at 2nd to last point
-adjusted the same corridor
-accidentally detailed the new stuff
-replaced hydro barriers with rocks (big ones)
-replaced small door with door to small tunnel
-shortened slightly upper area near flank to 1st
-accidentally detailed barrier near flank spawn door
-adjusted rock near barrier ^
-shortened ramp to A (not the one w/ payload tracks)
-moved point B decal to rocks (now a prop)
-removed output to lock other red spawn door
-added broken ice things in hazard
-added platforms by last, engineers cannot build there
-made last a lot more tighter, removes many sightlines
-made middle flank a hiding place
-added alternate entryway to building near 1st
-closed window to extreme sightline
-crap i keep detailing things
-added cover around 1st
-added spy/scout jumps, i might remove some later
-detailed that blank space at blu's 2nd spawn (copied from snowforest & detail map)
-generously func_detailed accidentally detailed things (thank me or not)
-minor bug fixes

detailing is not terribly bad in alpha, it's just that if you'd have to delete that part you detailed, it would be depressing because you put in your hard work just to delete it all.

also the dock is coming soon just wait for beta.

i never playtested a1, but i wanted to make a2 because 1. i was bored and 2. a1 needed major improvements. but mostly 3. to detail accidentally

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Nov 6, 2011
Please remember to compile lighting for both LDR and HDR. The map was fullbright for people playing with only LDR.