Drift a5

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Drift a5

Drift among the seas with a dev-textured map.

Introducing the all-new brand new map that has been scraped, scrapped, revised, imagined, and rethought, pl_drift_a1!

With some twists and turns, i've tried my best to not scrap this map, rather than some other maps... heh. 2nd point to 3rd is nice in my opinion. Map is possible to be underscaled. Also scheduled to add a word before "drift." This map takes place in a.... hmmm. I don't really know. Factory? Industrial log storage service? Who knows? Anyway, enjoy!

Some useless notes:
  • Final A1 took many minutes to complete, too many minor bugs I keep forgetting to add/change/remove
  • Jumping from 2nd point to 4th wasn't intentional until I found that out
  • I listened only to Modest Mouse the entire time I was making this, so expect some mouses peeking out in future updates
  • Somehow the top gradient on the site gives me major nostalgia feelings
  • Sorry if it's too bright in the screenshots, I have HDR on and i'm too lazy to switch to LDR
  • This map was supposed to be 2-stages long.
  • I put lotsa effort and time.
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Latest updates

  1. The Underneath Update (a5)

    God this is a beautiful and emotional song. UPDATE NOTES: -rollback zones -adjusted respawn times -shortened D flank to final -do not sue me roll -made red spawn to B room door two-sided -removed blu's one-way trigger -cart moves slow when on...
  2. The brickwall002 update

    The brickwall002 update This is a neato texture. Update Nodes: -added nobuild on bush on 2nd -added health packs near 1st -toned down hdr, again -removed collisions on sign props -removed door to A -added barrier prop to block sightline from...
  3. The Truthful Update

    The Truthful Update Update Notes: -replaced rock with shack on D cap -covered D cap with a tiny building -roofs can be accessible, but not the higher one on D cap building -added lip to windows near A -textured things because it's bright...