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Snowforest/Brookside B4

A Single-Stage Payload Map by Skittlez.

  1. Skittelz

    This point map is mine, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?
    - Soldier claiming my map

    BLU is trying to take over RED to get their water supply-with thier big ass payload cart! It's just normal payload with an actual storyline.

    Notes not to forget:
    Areaportals, KNOW HOW IT LEAKS. I'm crap with areaportals. *My weakest point is optimization.

    Special thanks to...

    - Muddy for fixing the areaportal leaks
    - EArkham for the Snowycoast Assests.
    - Mikroscopic for the skybox (sky_arctic_02)
    - iiboharz for the Arctic Theme Pack (so that I could unexpectedly find Mikro's skybox)
    -And of course, TF2Maps.net. Without everything, I would actually go back to drawing posters. (I wouldn't be here)

    Honestly I don't know. RC1?
    A new NIGHT version! Coming soon to your tf2maps.net.

    Q & A
    Do you know what you're gonna put in the Night map?

    Lights. They look beautiful! I dreamt of the scenery in my head.

    When will you finish the night version?

    Probably today or tomorrow. We'll see.

    i hat this map fukin so much delet this plis

    That isn't even a question. This isn't even an answer.

    Are you planning to do more versions of this map?

    Yes, but I could give that project to someone else. if they'd volunteer to do it. WHEN I'M GIVING UP ON IT.

    Will the night version be in a new thread?


    What will happen if Valve adds this to the game?

    I'd be really proud, and get some fame. That happened with every other member's map that got added.


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Recent Reviews

  1. λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    Version: B3
    it feels very empty and as a spy main I cant get out to backstap like a boss
    1. Skittelz
      Author's Response
      i'll get to it, thanks.