Styrofoam a5

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Styrofoam a5

The complete remake of 3cp map Shrimptown, all in your hands.

cp_shrimptown_a1 was a contestant for the connect 5 contest, but due to it's major gameplay issues, the main one being last is very open and the overall map is overscaled, I took it into my own hands and disqualified it for the contest, despite matching all 5 blocks. And 4 months later, (even though I started a month ago) here it is.

  • Last looks ugly as fuck
  • The flank to last is beautiful as fuck (can be found to the left of B building
  • Listen to FUNKe's Spotify playlist, he's got some really neat music in there.
  • This is NOT a contestant for the Connect 5 Contest. It was intended to, though.
  • Japan assets are neato.
Okay, now that you've read that (which you've probably not), enjoy my map. Now.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. The starchy Update (a5)

    starchy is a moderator. UPDATE NOTES: -moved red spawn positions -removed light_spot on C point -made a door, opens when a caps because people going the wrong way -some easier window route from left C flank to red B -nobuild on only the A roof...
  2. The Snoo Update (a4)

    Fun fact: The iconic Reddit icon is named the "Snoo" from their early name, ' UPDATE NOTES: -remade mid -door demolition derby happened, many doors did not survive -replaced lamp01's with lamp02's in that kinda dark C flank -also...
  3. The Woag Update

    UPDATE NOTES: -adjusted blu spawn -moved blu forward spawn -some c door taller -some nails on not floating metal -increased height of B building -hazard tapes on A -c sign revived, added another c sign -focus lights on C and B -graygrid to...