CP Antiquity B18

Cambodian Theme, started in 2010 and revised in 2017

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    This could probably be subtitled the "b4nny suggested this" update since I pretty much did almost everything he mentioned when he walked the map on stream. Updated in the workshop, too.

    B15 -> B16 Changelog


    * Additional clipping at mid, around stairs to prevent bumping into model detailing
    * Better clipping in various other areas, blocked off a troublesome area under stairs near last
    * Rock prop added to garden for additional coverage
    * Made a portion of the scaffolding at last playable area
    * Opened up a small route from the small area behind 2nd point (behind the stairs)
    * Left side spawn door on last spawnroom changed so it doesn't directly drop onto last control point
    * Changed large health kit under mid into a small
    * Opened up the electric/plastic room at the top of lobby (area between 2nd and last)
    * Parallel routes heading into last consolidated into single route (and widened)
    * Wall between lobby at last and deadfall/IT has been opened up
    * Added nobuild area to top of stone shack at 2nd point
    * Additional route added from garden to 2nd point to help mitigate defender's strong height advantage
    * Moved health & ammo out of the stone shack at 2nd into the low ground, added an extra ammo pack inside shack
    * Changed the position of the double stairs inside large buildings at mid
    * Added dropdown inside large buildings at mid
    * Extended platform facing 2nd point
    * Compacted size of mid by 128 hammer units per side (or 256 total)
    * Added secondary entrance at doorway at mid (below forward spawns)
    * Adjusted position of health & ammo at mid

    * Readded Void "RED Industrial" signs after finding the download again, yay!
    * Fixed various minor texture alignment issues
    * Fixed various minor prop placement issues
    * Fixed continuity error in final forward spawn
    * Added menu photos
    * Updated soundscapes (soundscapes still do not work from workshop maps however)
    * Converted several brushwork details into props (broken walls, wooden stairs, etc)
    * Fixed some lighting origin issues
    * Added missing control point signs to 2nd point
    * Additional skybox detailing
    * Added colour correction for more vibrance (though cc doesn't always work in TF2)
    * Added spectator cameras

    Map 23:30 hours
    Assets: 13:00 hours

    I'll be updating my website later today with those nifty comparison slider thingers.

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    I wish every map had pages like those to show off changes between versions. It's so professional, and it makes the changes so much more visceral!
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    B16 -> B17 Changelog


    • * Fixed some clipping issues around trees on mid
    • * Fixed a clipping issue on fence at exit at last spawns
    • * Fixed a problem with torch lights going out after capping 2nd by BLU (logic fail)

    • * Removed extra lights over lobby walkways
    • * Fixed some texture misalignments
    • * Fixed a couple of floating bushes
    • * Lightmap optimization adjustments in various spots
    • * Added more structure to entrance from garden to 2nd to indicate players can not jump over
    • * Adjusted some signs in lobby to last

    Mostly bug fixes. Only one visually representable change:

    Added the b16-to-b17 page just for the sake of being a completionist.

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    Quick question. Someone reported that the "lag" on the map made it unplayable on the VNN server (meaning either a framerate or latency issue). Investigated further, and got VNN himself to do a +showbudget on the map:


    That looks pretty good actually (edit: and yeah, I know ideally you'd want multiple showbudgets from multiple systems), but just wanting to confirm a couple of things.

    1) "Unaccounted" typically means it's something else completely unrelated to the game, correct? Software running at the same time, etc. So there's nothing really I can do about that. Everything specifically map related appears to be bopping along just great.

    2) Some of the lights that I use for torches have appearance "32". That doesn't do anything (no flicker, etc) and it's a relic of a map being decompiled... apparently I did a keyvalue copy/paste for the torch light in the old version of Antiquity and the value just got carried forward into the revision.

    Even though that 32 doesn't do anything, any value there does make those lights technically dynamic, correct?

    After chatting with VNN, it seems like the person who reported the issue may have been a little hyperbolic, but nonetheless, I'm going to do another optimization pass. I'll remove that appearance value as well while I'm at it.

    Just looking for confirmation that I'm not missing something important with those two things above.
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    B17 -> B18 Changelog

    Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=960317656

    Changes: http://antiquity.necrotalesgames.com/changes-antiquity-b17-to-b18.php

    • Removed a wall near upper ruins entrance to last point
    • Removed platforms at Mid that had small healthkits
    • Widened upper and lower corner entrances to Mid
    • Added small wood pile on 2nd
    • Added wooden stairs to raised platform at 2nd -> Mid area
    • Made raised entrance from 2nd -> Mid into a split one
    • Large entrance to 2nd from Mid moved to Garden side, area inside made more roomy
    • Added obstacle to cut down a sniper sightline under the point

    • Fixed some visual bugs with brushwork in various spots
    • Removed floating lights from one of RED's lobby entrances
    • Fixed a displacement problem near MID & near garden
    • Added fence to out of bounds area between mid & garden to clarify where it begins
    • Fixed some floating pallets in lobby areas
    • Added some particle effects to deadfall areas (flagged as weather)

    • Removed errant appearance settings that was on some torch lights
    • General hint brush pass across all areas of the map
    • Adjusted areaportal positioning
    • Updated LODs on roof models

    Unless a serious bug or framerate problem is reported, the next update will likely be minor beauty updates (I want hydra statues on the long stair well and some particle effects on the faces under mid & 2nd) and whatever changes comp folks give me.

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    I really, really appreciate your visual changelogs, thank you for making them.
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