Antiquity B18

Cambodian Theme, started in 2010 and revised in 2017

  1. Bug Fixidation, Liquidation, Elimination

    B16 -> B17 Changelog


    • * Fixed some clipping issues around trees on mid
    • * Fixed a clipping issue on fence at exit at last spawns
    • * Fixed a problem with torch lights going out after capping 2nd by BLU (logic fail)

    • * Removed extra lights over lobby walkways
    • * Fixed some texture misalignments
    • * Fixed a couple of floating bushes
    • * Lightmap optimization adjustments in various spots
    • * Added more structure to entrance from garden to 2nd to indicate players can not jump over
    • * Adjusted some signs in lobby to last

    Mostly bug fixes. Only one visually representable change:


    Added the b16-to-b17 page just for the sake of being a completionist.
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