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Antiquity B18

Cambodian Theme, started in 2010 and revised in 2017

  1. I've Got-Ta Prohm-ise Another Update

  2. Bug Fixidation, Liquidation, Elimination

    B16 -> B17 Changelog


    • * Fixed some clipping issues around trees on mid
    • * Fixed a clipping issue on fence at exit at last spawns
    • * Fixed a problem with torch lights going out after capping 2nd by BLU (logic fail)

    • * Removed extra lights over lobby walkways
    • * Fixed some texture misalignments
    • * Fixed a couple of floating bushes
    • * Lightmap optimization adjustments in various spots
    • * Added more structure to...
  3. Khmer and Check it Out (Wat Puns)


    This could probably be subtitled the "b4nny suggested this" update since I pretty much did almost everything he mentioned when he walked the map on stream. Updated in the workshop, too.

    B15 -> B16 Changelog


    * Additional clipping at mid, around stairs to prevent bumping into model detailing
    * Better clipping...
  4. Fixing download link.

    Download linkage fix.
  5. Total Revision


    Completely revised and updated with new assets, a new look, easier routes, less crap to bump into, the works.

    If you're familiar with the old layout, you will be familiar with the new as well, with some notable exceptions and changes:

    * Additional connections to make team rotations easier,
    * Changed the cover on last and removed half of the large obstructing structure (lot of complaints...
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