Antiquity RC1

Made by EArkham

  1. EArkham
    Since one of the problems plaguing my artpass contest entry was the issue of shoehorning the Khmer theme onto a layout that didn't really suit it, I decided to begin work on a 5-pt Control map specifically for the Khmer theme. This won't be fully Cambodian (that'd be boring), so it'll be a blend of spytech and Khmer-esque ruins.

    Since there's no deadline on this, I'll be able to fix all my custom models and create some much needed new ones.

    [UPDATE 1-22-2011] Fully detailed and moved to Beta 1.

    [UPDATE 7-26-2011] Latest version RC1 is available.

    All custom content will be released once the models are tweaked and finalized and after the map reaches the "release candidate" stage. It'll include all the stuff I made like columns, doorframes, spires, and trees.



    Boojam Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack
    Acumen - Drills
    Void's drill signs and RED corporate signs

    If during a playtest you spot custom content from someone I didn't credit (and I didn't make it), please let me know!

    Full Changelog Here


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Recent Reviews

  1. λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    Version: RC1
    one of the best maps in the custom map community
  2. Nero
    Version: RC1
    Very good. Needs some texture tweaks, and some more detailed screenshots would be nice. It works, and it works nicely.