Antiquity B18

Cambodian Theme, started in 2010 and revised in 2017

  1. I've Got-Ta Prohm-ise Another Update

    B17 -> B18 Changelog



    • Removed a wall near upper ruins entrance to last point
    • Removed platforms at Mid that had small healthkits
    • Widened upper and lower corner entrances to Mid
    • Added small wood pile on 2nd
    • Added wooden stairs to raised platform at 2nd -> Mid area
    • Made raised entrance from 2nd -> Mid into a split one
    • Large entrance to 2nd from Mid moved to Garden side, area inside made more roomy
    • Added obstacle to cut down a sniper sightline under the point

    • Fixed some visual bugs with brushwork in various spots
    • Removed floating lights from one of RED's lobby entrances
    • Fixed a displacement problem near MID & near garden
    • Added fence to out of bounds area between mid & garden to clarify where it begins
    • Fixed some floating pallets in lobby areas
    • Added some particle effects to deadfall areas (flagged as weather)

    • Removed errant appearance settings that was on some torch lights
    • General hint brush pass across all areas of the map
    • Adjusted areaportal positioning
    • Updated LODs on roof models
    second_point_adjustments_new.jpg mid_platforms_new.jpg

    Unless a serious bug or framerate problem is reported, the next update will likely be minor beauty updates (I want hydra statues on the long stair well and some particle effects on the faces under mid & 2nd) and whatever changes comp folks give me.
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