Antiquity B18

Cambodian Theme, started in 2010 and revised in 2017

  1. Khmer and Check it Out (Wat Puns)


    This could probably be subtitled the "b4nny suggested this" update since I pretty much did almost everything he mentioned when he walked the map on stream. Updated in the workshop, too.

    B15 -> B16 Changelog


    * Additional clipping at mid, around stairs to prevent bumping into model detailing
    * Better clipping in various other areas, blocked off a troublesome area under stairs near last
    * Rock prop added to garden for additional coverage
    * Made a portion of the scaffolding at last playable area
    * Opened up a small route from the small area behind 2nd point (behind the stairs)
    * Left side spawn door on last spawnroom changed so it doesn't directly drop onto last control point
    * Changed large health kit under mid into a small
    * Opened up the electric/plastic room at the top of lobby (area between 2nd and last)
    * Parallel routes heading into last consolidated into single route (and widened)
    * Wall between lobby at last and deadfall/IT has been opened up
    * Added nobuild area to top of stone shack at 2nd point
    * Additional route added from garden to 2nd point to help mitigate defender's strong height advantage
    * Moved health & ammo out of the stone shack at 2nd into the low ground, added an extra ammo pack inside shack
    * Changed the position of the double stairs inside large buildings at mid
    * Added dropdown inside large buildings at mid
    * Extended platform facing 2nd point
    * Compacted size of mid by 128 hammer units per side (or 256 total)
    * Added secondary entrance at doorway at mid (below forward spawns)
    * Adjusted position of health & ammo at mid

    * Readded Void "RED Industrial" signs after finding the download again, yay!
    * Fixed various minor texture alignment issues
    * Fixed various minor prop placement issues
    * Fixed continuity error in final forward spawn
    * Added menu photos
    * Updated soundscapes (soundscapes still do not work from workshop maps however)
    * Converted several brushwork details into props (broken walls, wooden stairs, etc)
    * Fixed some lighting origin issues
    * Added missing control point signs to 2nd point
    * Additional skybox detailing
    * Added colour correction for more vibrance (though cc doesn't always work in TF2)
    * Added spectator cameras

    Map 23:30 hours
    Assets: 13:00 hours

    I'll be updating my website later today with those nifty comparison slider thingers.

    cp_antiquity_b16_05a.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_05b.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_05b.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_06.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_06a.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_06b.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_07.jpg cp_antiquity_b16_08a.jpg


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