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  1. Cindycomma

    A very frustrating cubemap bug

    I've been using a lot of reflective textures on my map arena_crosstalk. After the final compile of B1, I noticed that the cubemaps are... slanted? In my B2 compiles, the cubemap rotation stays, and I've tried experiment after experiment trying to fix this annoying issue. The checkerboard...
  2. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    failed reading message svc_ServerInfo from unknown.

    I got "failed reading message svc_ServerInfo from unknown." in the console before the demo for my map being playtested on the US server just crashed. It looks like there was some sort of error in the demo and it was cut short to 20 seconds, only having 2.4 mb of size. Does anyone have any idea...
  3. NutRubber

    Trouble with 3rd Party Props

    Hi there, I've been tinkering with Hammer the past couple weeks and have been developing a test map which is basically a house disguised as nothing but a glorified cube. I downloaded community made props for the map to add more variety. I asked a friend if she could upload the map to her server...
  4. rook

    Skyboxes not working?

    Very new to mapmaking, was following UEAKCrash's tutorials. Got to the skybox part, and it seems to be leaking, even though theres no noticeable cracks. I double checked the numbers I put in for lighting and made sure there were no cracks and yet it still leaks. Anyone have a solution?
  5. *Turns into crocodile*

    KOTH control point won't start

    My other Koth maps work, but for some reason this one won't start. I never had this kind of problem before, I checked the properties and it looked fine, but when I compile it it won't start. No announcer, and no one can capture. Does anybody know the solution?
  6. SteveN

    How can I make a func_rotating behave like this?

    Hi, I'm working on a pretty sizeable hammer project and have run into a problem; I need a func_rotating to behave like in the attached demonstration but I can't get it to work, I know I could maybe use logic relays to make it switch but that would require a button and I'd like the movement to be...
  7. juicy lime

    ABS Resource pack prefab doesnt work

    I wanted to make a multistage payload map but when I tested the payload logic, which I copy and pasted from the gametype library from the ABS Mapping Resource pack, the round just ended after the very first point was captured. I tried messing with the In- and Outputs of the point and the...
  8. Eishaaya

    I'm following along with crash's video series and the props more than an inch away won't show up

    Is there a setting I'm missing or something? (I'm using textured view)
  9. Quits 2

    My Hammer.bat file is not there

    So I went into the steam apps file and went to tf2 to find that no files were in the bin. If anyone knows what happened I would like to know how to fix it as I can not use hammer editor.
  10. Mr. Snazzy

    Stuck in the ground?

    Hello, I am very new to mapping in TF2, and I am following UEAKCrash's videos, and I am using A Boojum Snark's Team Fortress 2 Mapping Resource Pack, if that provides context. I do know that I need to have the player spawn off of the ground, but for some reason whenever i load into the map I...
  11. T

    Vvis and Vrad not loading

    I have a new mapping concept which I think is pretty great, but I cant get much further into the development process until I fix this one issue. Hammer decided to be a dumb and not include vvis and vrad in the compile process. I am unsure on what is causing this. I looked at some other forums...
  12. Captain Cactus

    Map becomes fullbright on compile

    I started using Compile Pal because I needed to pack some custom assets into my map. Whenever I do a fast compile the lighting seems to work just fine, but when I do a publish compile it's all fullbright despite having a light_environment and multiple regular lights. Here's my compile log...
  13. JLuka

    help with packing assests

    ive followed this tutorial on how to make other people see custom content in my map, all seems good and everything is green. i put my map in the feedback discord for testing and i open the demo and all i hear is that it was not packed. (sorry for anyone who had to deal with it) is there...
  14. Inky The Moth

    About my skybox not loading in map

    Hi, I am a recent tf2 mapper and I have been having problems with the hammer editor being unable to find the skybox whenever I am compiling the map. Additionally it also is saying it can't find the surfaceprop rock/wood material for some things, I was wondering what that was about that. It also...
  15. B

    I accidentally doubled my map and I don't know what to do.

    When making my KOTH map I accidentally created a second copy of red's half and it is now overlapping with the original half. This makes it incredibly hard to edit the map because the are 2 brushes when it seems like 1 brush. I want to know if there is anyway I can delete the overlapping...
  16. Obsyden

    Unnamed Vbsp problem (Let's call it Brad)

    So I've been developing a map for about 5 months now and I've recently completed the full layout, all the buildings, optimization. Naturally I'm excited about hopping in-game and seeing it all. The problem is, well I don't really know exactly what the problem is. When I used to run the map...
  17. B

    (New Hammer User Problem) Change Sound(s) Played When Hitting Surface?

    I'm fairly new to Hammer (three days new, to be precise) but through online tutorials and just using it myself I have, at the very least, the basics down fairly well. However, in my first map that I intend on releasing to the public, I've finally noticed something that now bothers me to no end...
  18. GamertheNoobz

    When I get too close to an object in Hammer it disappears.

    Hello, as the title says, whenever I edit my maps in hammer editor and I get too close to the props they just disappear. I don't know what could cause this, it is a fairly new map and just has 2 stair props and a few brushes. I have compiled it once with cordon bounds enabled. here is the last...
  19. Jack5

    KOTH countdown does not happen, point activates without warning

    Hi there everybody. I'm having an issue with my map that appears to be unresolved, as I'm unable to find any concrete solution to the problem. This thread is the most accurate information I have, and it is not enough to help me out. Basically what is happening is that in my map KOTH Tools, the...
  20. Gravidea

    Cannot open my map in Hammer.

    Once I was finished editing my map last night I saved and went to bed. When I got home today, I decided I'd do some more editing and it turned out that my map wouldn't open... "BasePolyForPlane: no axis". I tried looking up what this fatal error meant, and apparently I had to edit some line of...