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  1. Spipper

    Beerbowling b1

    A joke map that got out of hand: Experimental Passtime-KOTH hybrid in the same vein as ctf_redplanet set in the backyard of a dorm. The rules of beer bowling are simple: Teams compete in tipping over the enemy team's beer can with a football (the Jack): Upon being successful in this task, the...
  2. Obamid

    pass_aerosol b2

    Aerosol is a map intended for 4v4 Passtime. This map started as a 72hr jam entry and has been expanded on.( the main changes between _72hr and _b2 are: the map has been widened It has also been made shorter details have been removed...
  3. BurntVenom

    pass_ulama b1

    The Mesoamerican Ballgame is one of the world's oldest sports, dating back to the 1600s BCE. In this pre-columbian game, players were tasked with launching a rubber ball through a vertical "hoop" located high in the air by using only their hips, legs, and forearms. Players were placed on two...
  4. Obamid

    pass_aerosol (72hr edition) 72hr

    This map was made for the 2020 72hour Jam and is intended for 4v4 Comp Passtime. This project started as a 72hr jam entry and I have expanded it on a different download features -cool ramps -ball launchers in the corner -sick Rails to GRIND credits...
  5. Starlook

    The OMM Group!

    Hello! I have a preposition for you all! I've started up a new group for TF2 mappers, portal mappers, and the rest of source! I'm posting here to gain followers for this group, a common group of people who share a passion for mapping for source and the more obscure TF2 gamemodes. Your presence...
  6. f4.

    HPS1 2020-02-17

    Handball time tf2
  7. Spipper

    pass_geyser a4

    Traditional pass time map with two "hoop" goals, one bonus goal and no walk-in goals. Pass time logic is surprisingly tricky to work with, so expect a few quirks and bugs here and there.
  8. Shadows

    Pass - Arena 51 2019-08-03

    In preparation for the raid on Area 51, I've made a map to speculate on what we might find inside, a game of passtime with UFOs watching over it. Very clean, small playing field which includes spell books plus speed boosts, catapult ramps and jump pads for the sake of mobility. This was...
  9. The ImprovisE!

    pass_ultimate_frisbee v4

    Ultimate frisbee inspired passtime gamemode in tf2. Once you've picked up the ball you have 6 seconds (can possibly be changed) to pass it to another player. All other means of passing won't work. Field size is scaled according to paramaters or real life ultimate frisbee court. Changelog...
  10. E

    Sky city V-3-1 BSP 2019-01-27

    V3-0 •Removed gray box room (beta room) •Added secret tree house •Improved load times
  11. E

    Skycity-V1 2018-11-13

    The 1st verison (Tecnacaly 2nd) Of this map i have been working on for me and my friends
  12. S T A R S ☰ T

    I'm not even sure what kind of error this is...

    While working on my map, I ran it to see how it was shaping up. Little did I know I was loading up Dance Dance Fortress with this massive disco floor. It's not even split into that many brushes. Alt P finds nothing, Interlopers shows nothing wrong on the console, and the game is running an old...
  13. ISPuddy

    Hold the Jack/Ball 1

    everything will be the same just like original koth but you have to hold the jack to resume your team's timer also the bonus goal will add 30 second to the enemy team and respawn jack file list: htb_example.vmf put this in some place where you keep your vmfs
  14. gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺

    glass a1

    A simple passtime arena map made for a pug group I'm in.
  15. The ImprovisE!

    pass_volley_island 2018-03-31

    Map with working "volleyball" logic. Changes seek range depending on player count. Blocks the projectiles but not the ball. Blocks players from jumping over. Detects balls which drops on your own field. 25 sec attack timer, if it runs out, your team dies and ball goes over to opponent...
  16. ISPuddy

    PASSTime Team logo overlay 2017-05-28

    PASSTime team logo as seen in the hud now we can put it anywhere
  17. Diva Dan

    Dan (Grifball) a5

    SCREENSHOTS ARE OUTDATED 6/5/17- grif_dan is a passtime map trying too hard to bring grifball to tf2. Grifball is a map gamemode from Halo where each time is restricted to gravity hammers and energy swords, forced to bring a neutral handheld bomb to the enemy team's capture point to detonate...
  18. Luther

    72hr Jam 2022 Crucible a1

    A Passtime match in a steel production factory made for The Winter 2017 72hour TF2Jam. It might be a little bit dark in some places. Resources used: Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack Pass Time Prefab [IMPROVED+FIXES]
  19. Flipy

    Lunar Launch A3

    Both teams have the resources ready to launch their rockets, but they cant do it until they're sure the competition is out of the way. Take the jack and use its explosive capabilities to sabotage the enemies lunar launch and win glory for your team! A good chunk of audio, visuals, and detailing...