Forgery Event a1

A Foundry themed Passtime map with a Halloween-y twist!

  1. DoctorDoomtrain64
    Merasmus has holed himself up in a seemingly abandoned factory in hopes of evading the Japanese Mafia! The Mercs have tracked him down here and are hoping to bring hiim out and hand him over to the mafia so they can do mafia stuff to him! Which team will drag him out first?

    Assets Used:

    Orange Skybox - Gooba
    Halloween Resupply Lockers - Blaholtzen
    Passtime Signs: Kaleidescoop
    Special Hidden Surprise - Lo-Fi

    Special Thanks:

    14bit for the Passtime Prefab
    Fluury for the Additional Passtime Logic Prefab
    Yrrzy for the Jumppad prefab
    Wareya for the Brushwork Library
    The TF2Maps community for helping me with the logic and stuffs!


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