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  1. exer

    pass_stadium b20

    Map made for 4v4 passtime. 4v4 passtime discord: intended config:
  2. August101

    pass_snowsteel a4b

    Contest entry for the 2022 tfconnect contest: A pass time map with a koth gimmick where I try to design it christmas-y
  3. Top sporing fungi

    passtime map crashes

    made everything necessary. both triggers coded the same both spawn balls coded the same help me
  4. Le Codex

    Codex MC22 A1b

    Made for MC22, Solids. A random discussion lead to this: Pass Time, but the players are floating in mid-air and can "fly", and it's Medieval.
  5. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Proyard b2

    PROYARD The successor to Brickyard Created in June 2021, the map aims to improve gameplay for the competitive season. Brickyard issues were found during the PASS Time Federation Season 2 tournament and got fixed in this map.
  6. Kibble_Bites

    pass_park (72hr) 1st

    Made for the 4v4 PASS Time competitive community. View: Features: •Teleporters on each side of the court that allow for people to stand in the balcony of the goal (cooldown of 10 seconds) •Middle jurf ramp suspended in the air. •Barbeque pit in...
  7. Buic

    Knifeball A2

    The sequel to stabfest, knifeball! Play football(?) with knives and murder!
  8. SuperLuxDeluxe

    KotH and Ball Torture a1d

    Welcome to KotH and Ball Torture! An experimental combination of King of the Hill and Passtime made for the April Fool's 2022 game day. The gamemode works just like KotH, except you have to score with the Passtime JACK in order to cap the point. The JACK spawns initially to the side of mid...
  9. MegapiemanPHD

    Tense a1

    Oops, I did it again. Tense is a Passtime map that aims to improve the mode through mapping. It features a shorter all over map, 2 main routes to the goals with multiple sub routes, a run in goal worth 2 points while the throw in is worth 1 AND even a train for the bonus goal. Real neat...
  10. Sonoma

    Unofficial Minor Contest: Upload Thread

    The Minor Contest ends November 22nd 2021 11.59 PM (23:59) UTC You must post in this thread for your submission to the Minor Contest to count. Please include: Map name Map thread List of all contributors An image (optional) The latest uploaded version of your map will be used as the contest...
  11. ❤littlefirez❤

    Basket ball stadium A1

    I decompiled a map from left 4 dead 2 and changed the missing textures to tf2 textures as well as the bottom of the map i used passtime and medieval mode for this (for balancing )
  12. leezo

    A/D PASS Time + CP - Gamemode Prefab Version 1

    A prefab for a PASS Time gamemode variant where Blu needs to score a goal in order to unlock the control point they need to capture before it locks itself down after a set amount of time.
  13. Sonoma

    Unofficial Minor Contest #1: A/D CTF & A/D PASSTIME

    U P L O A D T H R E A D Unofficial Minor Contest: Upload Thread | Welcome! This will be the first of hopefully many unofficial Minor Contests hosted by the community. Now that the Rule of Three Major is over (6 month long contest wow) we can now move on to another mapping prompt...
  14. A

    PASS Time ball, without PASS Time gamemode?

    I'm working on a wild map that's jam-packed with stuff, and one thing I'd love is to have the pass-time ball, but it isn't a pass time map. Ideally I'd love to have it be as simple as somehow activating the 'info_passtime_ball_spawn' without need for a 'passtime_logic' but if that's impossible...
  15. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Forgery Event a1

    Merasmus has holed himself up in a seemingly abandoned factory in hopes of evading the Japanese Mafia! The Mercs have tracked him down here and are hoping to bring hiim out and hand him over to the mafia so they can do mafia stuff to him! Which team will drag him out first? Assets Used: Orange...
  16. Enderspoons

    Passtime Signs 2021-05-17

    Pass Manufacturing is proud to present a new line of instructional signs for mercs on how to handle its signature product, the Passtime JACK! Included are a variety of signs concerning various matters as how to handle the jack, who is allowed to handle the jack, and certain dangers that may...
  17. Spipper

    Beerbowling b1

    A joke map that got out of hand: Experimental Passtime-KOTH hybrid in the same vein as ctf_redplanet set in the backyard of a dorm. The rules of beer bowling are simple: Teams compete in tipping over the enemy team's beer can with a football (the Jack): Upon being successful in this task, the...
  18. Obamid

    pass_aerosol b2

    Aerosol is a map intended for 4v4 Passtime. This map started as a 72hr jam entry and has been expanded on.( the main changes between _72hr and _b2 are: the map has been widened It has also been made shorter details have been removed...
  19. BurntVenom

    pass_ulama b1

    The Mesoamerican Ballgame is one of the world's oldest sports, dating back to the 1600s BCE. In this pre-columbian game, players were tasked with launching a rubber ball through a vertical "hoop" located high in the air by using only their hips, legs, and forearms. Players were placed on two...
  20. Obamid

    pass_aerosol (72hr edition) 72hr

    This map was made for the 2020 72hour Jam and is intended for 4v4 Comp Passtime. This project started as a 72hr jam entry and I have expanded it on a different download features -cool ramps -ball launchers in the corner -sick Rails to GRIND credits...