Unofficial Minor Contest #1: A/D CTF & A/D PASSTIME

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May 12, 2020


Unofficial Minor Contest: Upload Thread |

Welcome! This will be the first of hopefully many unofficial Minor Contests hosted by the community. Now that the Rule of Three Major is over (6 month long contest wow) we can now move on to another mapping prompt. Minor contests allow us to get much more experimental with gamemodes and mechanics. So why not start with a mode that isn’t even in the game officially. This time it’s Attack/Defend Capture the flag and Attack/Defend Passtime! The clock starts after you read this!


Much like with the Rule Of Three Major...

You must make a “standard” map that requires no plugins
  • Detailing is not required for entries, but may help your placement.
  • Your map must be able to accommodate the standard amount of players which means at least 16 spawn points for each team.
  • Your map must be fully functional; meaning it includes objectives, spawn points, is fully lit and both teams can reasonably win.
Your map must be A/D CTF or A/D PASSTIME
  • Try to stick to the tradition of BLU team attacking and RED defending.
  • Your map must have an objective for BLU to capture with the Intel or Passtime JACK.
  • You can make as many objectives as you want, and have as many stages as you want as long as the objective can only be captured with a Flag/JACK
  • If you aren’t sure if your map meets this criteria just ask!

Any map made prior to this announcement are not to be submitted
  • Limit one entry per person.

Similar to RO3

  • Each map can have a team of four collaborators. A collaborator is someone who has contributed to the map either via work in Hammer, or through the contribution of custom assets.
  • Only two members of a team are allowed to work on the map in Hammer. All other collaborators must be asset contributors.
  • People are only considered asset contributors if their custom content has not been released to the public within two weeks of the contest start.

  • This contest will end on November 22nd 2021 11.59 PM (23:59) UTC
  • That’s about 2 months from now
    • A pretty fair amount of time
  • An upload thread will be created within the week of the contest deadline, you must submit your maps there to be judged.
  • You will be given a 48 hour bug fix period to fix any issues with your contest submission. (This only applies to maps submitted before the deadline, this is not an extension of the deadline.)

  • This contest will be scored by a fully public vote based on a single overall score.


  • Due to this being an unofficial contest, there will be no prizes given to winners, other than bragging rights, a flex, a sense of accomplishment, and my admiration of course.

  • If you are unsure what these gamemodes look like I will provide some examples of each below





A/D Passtime


Flipy MC12

A/D Passtime Prefab by Flipy! (may need a bit of tinkering to fix certain bugs)

Another A/D Passtime Prefab by Leezo!
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Apr 10, 2014
I have an ANCIENT map concept (as in late 2015/early 2016, when I first started mapping) for a "reverse" A/D CTF map.

RED, knowing how often BLU seems to best them in A/D scenarios, plans to sabotage BLU's chances of victory by dropping bombs off at various locations in and around the BLU base. BLU catches wind of RED's plan, but far too late to do anything more than barricade the spawnroom doors and send the mercenaries deeper into the base to defend it.

I'm still on the fence on if I should participate in this contest or not, but if I do, I'll probably do something with that idea.