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KotH and Ball Torture a1d

Combination of King of the Hill and Passtime for April Fool's Day 2022

Welcome to KotH and Ball Torture! An experimental combination of King of the Hill and Passtime made for the April Fool's 2022 game day.

The gamemode works just like KotH, except you have to score with the Passtime JACK in order to cap the point.
The JACK spawns initially to the side of mid, then spawns on the attacker's side after the first score.
The defenders cannot pick up the JACK.
The JACK can break engineer buildings if thrown.

Please enjoy the sillyness. A prefab for the game mode will be uploaded soon.


Chay cutout - by Leezo
LuxDeluxe cutout - art by LuxDeluxe, model by Leezo
Laycie and Itchigo cutout - characters belong to Zythe, model by Leezo
Lo-Fi robot cutout - by Lo-Fi
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. kothandball_torture_a1d

    Changes in this version: Added triggers to remove on cap kritz Added glow to the active goal zone to aid players Added ramps to allow players to approach the goal and score from the water side Unfortunately, nothing can be done about removing...
  2. kothandball_torture_a1c

    Changes in this version: Changed single goal directly on mid into two separate goals. The single goal in the previous version was too easy to for players to simply run in and score even through enemy fire; they had just enough health to do a...

Latest reviews

This was really fun to play on during the April Fools gameday despite having >200 ping for half my time on it XD