pass_ultimate_frisbee v4

Ultimate frisbee in passtime

  1. The ImprovisE!
    Ultimate frisbee inspired passtime gamemode in tf2.
    Once you've picked up the ball you have 6 seconds (can possibly be changed) to pass it to another player. All other means of passing won't work.
    Field size is scaled according to paramaters or real life ultimate frisbee court.

    Changelog 17.03.19
    Removed point_servercommand usage
    restricted pass range so you cannot pass without throwing.
    Added medieval mode to map.
    changed ball spawn positions to endzone.
    Mostly logic changes.

    Map looks very primitive and not much, I will get to that sometime later.
    Ideally the ball would stay and not roll on the place it lands. But had trouble figuring out logic for that.


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