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  1. suber36g

    I got a bit of an issue...

    (Ignore the white flashes) I was in the middle of placing down signs when i realizes that the red sign is round, is there Red square signs or not?
  2. Micnax

    VBSP error with decompiled map file

    Hi all, I was trying to fix up an old map I had made by decompiling the BSP file I had on hand of it (I had lost the original VMF), but I'm encountering issues when trying to compile it. First I had areaportal issues which required replacing them all again (not too bad), but now I'm...
  3. Werewolf

    Help using r_screenoverlay without textures stretching?

    I've been experimenting with using r_screenoverlay to display textures to specific players. So far I have found that no mater what texture you use, it stretched the texture to fill the screen, resulting in them looking warped. What I'd like to know, is there any way to prevent this? For example...
  4. Corvatile

    [GUIDE] How To Make Dirt Roads

    Hiya. This is a pretty simple technique but it wasn't obvious to me at all when I was starting out mapping and I couldn't find tutorials on it anywhere else so I thought I might as well make one. You know those neat wiggly roads you see on a lot of official maps? Roads like this: Here's how...
  5. dryerlint

    Respect the Geneva Convention A1

    I've finished my first attempt at making an overlay. It's a metal sign reminding players not to commit war crimes. In case anyone wants them, here is the "clean" version: And the full SFM render: The VTF and VMT files should be placed in materials/signs Enjoy! Please let me know in...
  6. SnickerPuffs

    Collider Signs rc3

    Signs I made for the soon-to-be-released cp_collider, by me and @The Letter Before A. Contains 13 Overlays and their respective VMTs.
  7. P

    Just a Couple of Problems

    I've been away for quite a while. I had a lot of things going on in my life. The point is I'm back and with a Frontline map that is nearly ready for testing. However, I've encountered to problems that I'm not sure how to rectify. This first is about the hud on my map. It is a payload map with...
  8. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    TF2maps.net Stream Overlays V1

    TF2maps.net Stream Overlays Hello everyone. I would like to introduce 3 new overlays for TF2maps.net streamers. The pack in the download includes the .psb files, some preview screenshots and also some overlays for users who do not own the Adobe Photoshop. Every single overlay has it's own...
  9. fuzzymellow

    72hr Jam 2022 Bullseye Bill's Bullets and More! 2016-07-22

    Comes in red and blue flavor!
  10. Malachite Man

    Overlay Posters

    Hello everyone today I would like to request 2 posters overlays one saying Malachite mining only the finest mines and another one saying asenji lighting services bright lights since 1958. If you want the posters in more detail than the malachite mining one would have a mine full of crystals and...
  11. Idolon

    Kemptown roadsigns re-upload

    Muddy wanted some signs for Kemptown, so I made them. Contains two overlays that come in at about 32 units tall by default. Extract the .zip in your /materials folder to install. I can provide the original Photoshop file if requested, which is a bit more than twice the resolution of the .vtfs...
  12. Simulacron

    Copy overlays

    Whenever I try to copy or move overlays they seem to break because there not longer on the same brush as before, is there anyway to fix this, especially if I'm copying half of the map for the other team and want to keep the overlays without recreating each of them?
  13. Malachite Man

    custom poster

    it is very simple i just what a poster that says malachite mining only the finest mines with a picture of a mineshaft with some crystls in it name your price(in reason)have a nice day everyone:)
  14. EksCelle

    How to make a transparent texture easily w/ Photoshop

    A short(ish) tutorial on how to apply alpha channels to images and exporting them as textures with transparency. For use as overlays, sprays, etc. This tutorial assumes you have some knowledge of how to create and export custom textures to .vtf I'm using Photoshop CS3, but the layout is...
  15. HQDefault

    "Warning: Fall below" Sign 2016-02-18

    This overlay was created by de_fence. (requested by me) PLEASE don't credit me for it. I just made it usable in hammer.